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To go with film (and game) age ratings?

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WallyWallyWally · 13/10/2019 07:05

DS âge 11, nearly 12. A bunch of his friends and their older siblings are going to see Joker today. DH and I have said no as we believe he’s too young and the reviews talk about how dark, violent and sad the film is. DS is very annoyed with us, and feels left out. It’s a 15 in the UK (and a 12 in France where we are - but that’s another thread).

DH is a very «by the rules» person. He believes that film / age classifications are there for a reason and that we should apply them. I’m a bit more lenient and would use my own judgement (though I agree with him in this case).

At his 11th birthday one of his friends gave him Call of Duty: infinite warfare as a gift: it’s still hidden but has caused endless ructions as he so desperately wants to play it.

OP posts:

tomboytown · 13/10/2019 12:23

Generally any 15 movies I have to view first to see if my 12 year old can watch them. He is DC/marvel obsessed and I like to encourage this interest but his hasn’t seen Joker, Deadpool.
He has seen Venom, Logan and Suicide squad and we watched Stranger Things together.


MariahDontCarey · 13/10/2019 12:30

I plan to do the same, but mine are still very small.

My mum was really lenient about movies and they scared the life out of me. She never watched movies herself, so I think it never occurred to her that they might be a bit worrying for a young child.

My 4yo watches Us and some PGs, but even the PGs, I'm a bit careful with, as some are quite scary. Having said that, she doesn't seem bothered by what I think are scary scenes in PG movies, so maybe I'm being overly cautious.

I definitely wouldn't let her see a 12 now or a 15 when she's 12.

I used to live in Paris but never noticed that about the ratings! What I did find quite funny though, was when they advertised animated movies "starring Bruce Willis" or whatever, and you got there and they were dubbed 😂. Sorry, a bit off the point. I thought it was funny at the time. Ahem.


tomboytown · 13/10/2019 15:01

Currently watching the hunger games series
First movie is a 15. The rest are 12. I think some of this stuff is worse than anything in the superhero movies. It’s disturbing


sweeneytoddsrazor · 13/10/2019 15:18

At the moment he is too young for a 12 so if they ask for i.d then he hasn't got any. Realistically though you will have to accept that even if you think things may not be suitable it's going to be very hard for your child if all his peers are going to see them. Especially if he is the correct age in the country you reside in.


newnameagainagain · 13/10/2019 15:25

Just watched tremors with my 13yr old- it's rated 15 but probably wouldn't be now.


dreichsky · 13/10/2019 15:29

We look on common sense Media to get a feel. Although I'm less concerned by drinking than many parents on there.
We stick loosely to guidelines.
Not allowing fortnite caused pushback but the craze died out soon enough.


Abibranning · 13/10/2019 15:35

I found the Joker really hard going it's so bleak it's obvious he's very ill. It's definitely not some fun super hero movie.

But usually age ratings I use as a guide but make my own decisions on evidence. My DS loves dinosaurs and super heroes, but has never forgiven me for making him watch Pete's Dragon (new one) I forgot the parents die at the beginning. Each child is different and copes differently.


Celebelly · 13/10/2019 15:37

YANBU. A girl in our street was allowed to watch Poltergeist when she was 11. She ended up having a baby at 16
This is amazing 😂


smemorata · 13/10/2019 15:47

I tend to decide on an ad hoc basis. 14 year old ds went to see The Joker recently and I didn't have a problem with that. Not sure about 11 - it would depend on the child. I'm in Italy and age certifications are not publicised and nobody checks id anyway!


smemorata · 13/10/2019 15:51

He also went to see Once upon a time in Hollywood which was certified as a U here - I looked it up and in the UK was an 18!!! Confused


jackparlabane · 13/10/2019 15:54

I decide based on content - consensual sex and swearing fine, violence and cruelty not - and the fact my 11 yo finds many PG films too scary. Generally I let them have 12 DVDs and games but warn him of content, and say if they want a 15 they can ask but I may say no (have done a couole times) . I think the only 15s he's seen were Blackadder and QI.


SquintEastwood · 13/10/2019 15:59

I watch and judge for myself.

I took a 14 year old to see the Joker last week in the UK, we didn't have any problems with it. The subject matter did end in a discussion about mental health and a bit of debate about nature Vs nurture but I don't think that's a bad thing.

The violence, gore and disturbing elements have been hyped up by the media imo.


MerryMarigold · 13/10/2019 16:05

Bake Off is often rated 15 (varies by episode but ashtrays 12 or 15). I watch it with my 10yo dd anyway! The sexual innuendo goes way over her head.

On the other hand, she has a friend who watches Love Island Shock. Is never ever let her watch that, as long as she's under my roof!


LazyFace · 13/10/2019 16:29

That movie looks very disturbing, I wouldn't let him watch it in the cinema. Not a 12 movie.


Fairylea · 13/10/2019 16:36

I don’t always stick to the ratings but I wouldn’t let anyone under 15 see Joker.

I tend to use my own common sense with things. I’m probably more laid back than most people. I let ds aged 7 watch a lot of 12 type films that others wouldn’t dream of letting their kids watch but he’s very much like me and loves mild horror type films and understands they’re not real. Nothing ever bothers him afterwards and he’s the sweetest and most sensitive boy in the world so I don’t feel they’re affecting him. (I’m talking about stuff like Gremlins, Jaws, the Meg, that sort of stuff).


Aveisenim · 13/10/2019 16:52

We go by age ratings generally (unless we've already watched it first and think he can deal with the content) so no YANBU I won't be letting my 11-year-old watch the new Joker film until we've either watched it first to check it over or he's older.


WonkoTheSane42 · 13/10/2019 16:53

A girl in our street was allowed to watch Poltergeist when she was 11. She ended up having a baby at 16.

Did the poltergeist knock her up?


SinkGirl · 13/10/2019 16:54

Film-makers often aim for a 15 for credibility. A 12 is seen as a "Kid's Film" and so they will add in enough grituitous profanities to get it bumped up.

Having worked for film publications and, at one point, the BFI, this is untrue. The lower the classification, the more opportunity for making money. It’s not uncommon for studios to remove content in borderline films to make it to a 15 or to a 12a rating. The LOTR films were granted a lower rating by ensuring that orc blood was black rather than red, weirdly. Of course there are films where a lower rating wouldn’t fit with the overall rep of a film, but inserting in random “gratuitous profanities” isn’t something that happens - changes are generally made to push a film down a classification, not up!

This may be a myth but I thought the 12A rating was brought in for the first Sam Rami Spiderman - the violence was too high for a PG but they were aware of their target audience so Sony lobbied for the UK ratings to be more in line with the US

This is mostly true. The film was released first as a 15, while simultaneously being marketed to kids in many ways (merch tie ins etc). Parents went nuts and they ended up introducing 12a as a rating (which I believe was in the pipeline anyway) and re-releasing the film. I believe a few cuts were made.

Joker is a very dark film. Not only do I have misgivings about it being a 15, but I definitely wouldn’t want kids younger than that watching it. It avoided an 18 because there’s no sex, minimal profanity and the violence is not as extreme as many other films, but the content itself is extremely mature.

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