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To think this shouldn't have been missed in the first place

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Weegle · 13/07/2007 11:15

DS (13 months) fell off the side of a slide on Sunday lunchtime. He was clearly hurt. We took him to hospital where they thought it was his hand so x-rayed that. A senior nurse called us in after the xray to say they thought he had broken his finger. A little ambiguous because obviously it's hard to get a 13mo to stay still in the right position for long enough. So they strapped his fingers and sent us home. 48 hours later I get a phonecall from a paediatric consultant saying he has looked at the x-ray and DS has fractured his radius - the bone leading up to the wrist. So basically he has a broken arm, and there is nothing wrong with his finger. I was to take him straight there. Which of course I did and he is now in a cast. Am I being unreasonable to think that a radiologist should have looked at the xray in the first place? Or is it no big deal? and ok because it was picked up in the end? I keep trying to let it go, no harm done etc but I feel angry that DS was crawling (with a limp and tears) on a broken arm for 2 days! But perhaps I am trying to place my guilt on someone else that he was even injured in the first place? (BTW I know I'm being irrational with that, it was no one's fault).

OP posts:

mears · 13/07/2007 11:20

You are right to an extent but unfortunately there are not enough radiologists and x-rays are not seen immediately by them. Radiologists are specialists and they can see things that 'ordinary' doctors can't. X-rays are initially reviewed by a doctor but they are then 'reported on' by a radiologist.

Sorry to hear about yout little one. He will bounce back soon. My DD broke her collar bone falling off a slide at that age - you feel so bad that you 'allowed' it to happen, but unfortunately accidents DO happen despite us.


FoghornLeghorn · 13/07/2007 11:33

Weegle can completely understand where you are coming from. Hope DS has a swift recovery, bless him


Weegle · 13/07/2007 12:48

Thanks guys. I feel better just for having "aired" it actually. He's actually not bothered at all by the cast now!

OP posts:

filchthemildmanneredjanitor · 13/07/2007 12:51

this happened with ds2. he hurt his foot and we took him a&e.they x rayed him and said he was fine and just to give it a week and he'd be ok. about a week later we had a letter from the hopsital asking us to bring him in, we did-turned out he had broken his foot!!!

they didn't put him ina cast because they said at his age it heals in about 2 weeks anyway.

poor little boy-we had been trying to get him to walk on it when he was reluctant because we thought he had got into a 'habit' of not walking. NO !!!!! he had a broken foot!!!!!


coppertop · 13/07/2007 12:56

It seems to take ages for x-rays to be looked at. When ds1 was sent by the GP for an "urgent" x-ray we were told the results would be ready in 5-7 days.

I hope mini-Weegle is feeling better soon. xx

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