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to turn th esound off and strain my ears to listen to my neighbours rowing?

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MamaG · 06/07/2007 17:03

Yes, IABU and invading their privacy but its like Big Bro without the wannabes!

OP posts:

mytwopenceworth · 06/07/2007 17:03

It would be unreasonable NOT to. Go on. Report back to us.

To me, I mean.


cornsilk · 06/07/2007 17:05

What are they arguing about then?


MarshaBrady · 06/07/2007 17:05

lol dh always gets excited when he can hear the neighbours arguing.
Not that we can hear what they're saying. he does make me larf
Got a glass?


Peachy · 06/07/2007 17:06

Free entertainemnt


cornsilk · 06/07/2007 17:07

Do you live next door to me?


MamaG · 06/07/2007 17:07

she suffers from depression

she was telling him she feels very low

he was shouting at her saying he can't do anything about it (wanker)

she cried

he screeched at her saying that other people just have to "get on with it"

she's just run upstairs and he hasn't followed

what an utter wanker.

OP posts:

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House · 06/07/2007 17:10

i listen when upstairs have an arguement! listened at the door when they had the police out in the communal hallway!


policywonk · 06/07/2007 17:20

Some neighbours on our old street (two sets of neighbours living next door to each other) had a corking row once. Neighbour Couple 1 were accusing Neighbour Couple 2 of neglecting an elderly relative. The fella out of Neighbour Couple 2 came back, magnificently, with: 'If you're so concerned about old women, you want to take a look at your wife!'

I mean, it was rude, but bloody funny. We were all out in our front gardens pissing ourselves.


Sixofone · 06/07/2007 17:29

I go outside to listen to our neighbours, who are usually considerate enough to have their rows in their back garden (so their kids can't hear) but so all the other neighbours can

They had a really good row the other night about how her mum interfered with everything - we dined out on that one for days


clutteredup · 06/07/2007 17:32

no cornsilk definitely next door to me - esp with unreasonable DH. I wonder if my neighbours tune in to our saturday morning rows


Sixofone · 06/07/2007 17:36

Actually, yes YABU. We are just a load of nosey old trouts with nothing better to do


heifer · 06/07/2007 17:37

so pleased we lived in a detached house!!!

And there was me thinking that when we move up to the wirral (soon) I wouldn't mind it it was a semi or terraced...

I so do mind now I know everyone is listening!


heifer · 06/07/2007 17:37

stop listening and go and do some baking MamaG... (well it would be rude not to listen to the whole arguement though, as you started.)

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