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that the couple next door seem to think they can take whatever they want?

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Peachy · 27/06/2007 17:17

yes I know its petty
but they are a 2 person household (older so no kids happening), indeed he works away weekdays. We ahve 5 of us, one on nappies (disposable sue to SN- cant get washables that size and hope he will be out before they would get enough use). We manage tor ecycle and copw with fortnightly colections but it can be difficult sometimes. Now, the neighbours just go out and buy another bin and that gets collected as well- 2 of them! (DH did report to council but they did nothing)

given we pay the same council tax as them how come they get double the collections? And then they STILL fly tip in our bins?

Sorry pathetic I know but they don't even recycle other than lots of wine bottles, and they're winding us up over other stuff (a planning dispute with our landlord- we came back from a break away to find they'd built a conservatory into our grden- great ugly brieze blocks on 200 year old houses- and they're outside now taking pictues of our house trying to rpove half our garden 9and a 200 year old boundary) should betheirs by rights- ie coz they think they deserve it mroe than us

sorry rant over

Seriosuly though how come they seem to be able to just buy what they want- extra bins, a solicitor to fight for half the garden we rent (sod all chance I am informed but its their attitude?) and the rest of us make do even though we oculd aford the bin, in order to do our bit and save the palnet etc?

OP posts:

theUrbanDryad · 27/06/2007 17:32

i sympathise

some fuck3r stole my compost bin last week


MrsWho · 27/06/2007 22:05


How did you get on with DS3 at school?


juuule · 28/06/2007 09:59

I can understand it winding you up about the planning dispute but as for the other stuff - you have your way of doing things, they have theirs.


NineUnlikelyTales · 28/06/2007 10:02

I disagree juuule..if we all 'did things our own way' we could all be as selfish as we liked and the planet could go stuff itself.

Peachy YANBU - the neighbours sound rotten


Lizzylou · 28/06/2007 10:05

YANBU, they sound exactly like my neighbours, just the two of them, don't recycle so bin is overflowing. I constantly have to pick up their bloomin rubbish from our front garden as the cats have been in their bursting bin, mainly cans.

DH calls them the Crumps


SleeplessInTheStaceym11House · 28/06/2007 10:11

my MIL is a bit like that, wont recycle as it's 'too much hassle'

my auntie had a good idea however many years time, when the world has gone to sht and we're all living in a bubble, you need to be able to prove that your ancestors recycled through choice* before you can get in!!!!


RedLorryYellowLorry · 28/06/2007 10:23

I am surrounded by similar neighbours and sympathise. The guy who leaves his bin bags on the street so we all fall over them NEVER gets a fine as threatened by the council in their leaflets. The family with a CONTAINER in their front garden blocking out our daylight - not a permanent structure so planning dept not bothered. Won't go on as I'm getting wound up.


Aloha · 28/06/2007 10:30

Obviously the planning/conservatory thing is a big deal (the council will take a dim view, and you can get anything on your land demolished - or your landlord can, if you rent)
but honestly it's really not worth even thinking about their bins/recycling. It's just stress you don't need.


RnBee · 28/06/2007 10:32

grrr that's terrible.

Can someone PLEASE tell me what on earth YANBU means


Blu · 28/06/2007 10:34

I agree with Aloha.
they are not behaving well, but you stressing over it will make no diference to that at all. Put your energy into something you can change.


MrsWeasley · 28/06/2007 10:42

I have a nieghbour like that, she goes on about her wonderful children (we have 2 the same age) how her DS would never swear is a good boy etc my DC showed me a website he had made with f*k and w*ker all over it. She caused several of our fence panels to collapse (due to putting heavy things against them (bags of rubble, bricks, rocks etc) this caused the fence to fall down during the storms.(this was confirmed by several of he fencing firms including one who had done work for her) It was an old fence so we didnt make an issue out of it. But we paid a lot of money to have the fence rebuilt with the nice side facing her and all she has done is moan! We have asked her not to paint it as it doesnt need it and last time she did it all dripped through onto our side and looked dreadful. As soon as we have anywork done she gushes all over the men to try to get freebies from them.
She only speaks when she wants something. She is a real pain!


NineUnlikelyTales · 28/06/2007 10:46

RnBee You Are Not Being Unreasonable (in asking)


bookwormmum · 28/06/2007 10:49

Our next door neighbour had a roof extension built onto a perfectly good bungalow and only told us this when the lorry turned up at 7am one morning to start building work. We got the work stopped for a time but in the end the council allowed it and it's blocked the light we used to get into our dining room. Quite often councils don't make you pull things down once they're constructed as long as they are safe to be occupied.

Re the bins, why not ask the council if you can have another one as there are 5 of you in one house and therefore do generate a bit more rubbish than say a childless couple would do?


calordan · 30/06/2007 19:06

both my sets of neighbours put out two bins every time even though they are childless and you are meant to have sticker to get bin collected, their attitude is they are so close to the grave recycling wont benefit them, aarrggghh


GodzillasBumcheek · 01/07/2007 08:50

You are sooooo NOT being unreasonable. I have neighours use my bins too so i know how irritating it is. It's also the cheek of it when you don't get on with them, and the injustice of it all. Mind you i've never had what i would class as a good neighbour since 1995, and have lived in 3 different places since then, so i may be a bit biased.


StarryStarryNight · 01/07/2007 17:21

Sympathise as I too have neighbours with rubbish issues.
We went and bought another bin, both are collected. It was only £9 in B&Q. My neighbour has 3, they are all overflowing most of the time. They all get emptied.

Why not just get yourself another bin too?

Have you told your landlord about the extension they built? Should they not have sought planning permission?

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