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To tell DH that a tiger has eaten all the food & drunk all the drink as an excuse as to why there is no tea?

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mumzarello · 26/06/2007 17:16

Seemed to work ok for Sophie's mummy - Am always to read that she let him drink all of Daddy's beer...

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charmkin · 26/06/2007 17:16

go to a cafe and ghave sausages and chips and ice cream


FluffyMummy123 · 26/06/2007 17:17

Message withdrawn


charmkin · 26/06/2007 17:17

would hve been worse if he had drunk all mummy's wine though...


FluffyMummy123 · 26/06/2007 17:18

Message withdrawn


Kathyis6incheshigh · 26/06/2007 17:19

Yes but the husband of Judith Kerr was Nigel Kneale, who wrote Quatermass, so if he was coming home from a hard day spent inventing scary science fiction monsters and making up stories about time travel, a tiger would have seemed quite mild in comparison.
What does your dh do?


IdrisTheDragon · 26/06/2007 17:20

Sophie's mummy seems a little wet really.

DH and I were watching the end of CBeebies last night and Floella Benjamin was reading the Tiger who came to tea .


Kathyis6incheshigh · 26/06/2007 17:24

OMG Cod, what a brilliant thread.
I always thought it was an allegory for the family's experiences in the war, too - the cafe scene (going out in her nightie) is like the Bastille Day scene in 'When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit.'


mumzarello · 26/06/2007 17:26

Kathy - DH is an engineer - I have a feeling he wouldn't believe me - he would divorce me if his beer was gone...

Ooooh Idris - I would have loved to see Floella reading it I missed it

Cod- am reading thread & rofl... Your 1st post sums up how I feel about the whole thing!!

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