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To expect photos of ALL family at DD's Christening?

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Bienchen · 25/06/2007 20:46

We had DD's christening yesterday and the day was lovely.

Only disappointment were photos. DP's brother (semi-professional photographer) volunteered to take photographs and he took a lot.

Unfortunately there is only one of parents, baby and godparents, the rest is mainly shots of DP's two glamorous sisters. I am particularly annoyed that there is not a single photo with my DS. There were only a handful of guests that were not family and none of them were included either. Same of partners/husbands of said sisters.

We are thinking of getting another photographer to go back to church and have a few more family photos taken but will obvioulsy not be able to have all our guests back for this.

Am I being very unreasonable??

OP posts:

whomovedmychocolate · 25/06/2007 20:48

I'm still angry that a wedding guest who didn't really want to be there hid behind the rest of the guests in the group shot so just the side of his head can be seen .

But it sounds like your photographer was not properly briefed - sorry.

You do have to pay for quality service with photographers.


hatrick · 25/06/2007 20:50

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

McQueenGirl · 25/06/2007 20:51

did no body else take a camera? you could get some copies of their pics?


morningpaper · 25/06/2007 20:54

Agree, it sounds like you didn't brief him properly

But you seem a bit OTT about it

Why not get him back to take shots of just the family over the summer? 100 shots in the garden would be bound to get some that rival Venture's and for pennies!


bookwormmum · 25/06/2007 21:03

Understandable you're upset but how many times do you look at christening pics? My dd's have friends in there that I've since fallen out with and my parents have none of my christening since the person who volunteered to take them attempted to develop them himself and ruined the film.


cornsilk · 25/06/2007 21:10

You will have so many pics of your dd in a few years time that you won't know where to keep them all!

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