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To ask for your experiences of 5:2 diet?

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Cheeeeislifenow · 29/10/2018 11:54

I eat healthy, I include treats in my diet, I walk up to 6km three or four times per week. I am overweight and never seem to be able to lose weight, even though I stick to 1800 cals per day and do indulge in treats occasionally.
I have just started the 5:2 diet in a bid to kick start my metabolism. has anybody found this to be an efficient way of losing weight?
To add I am 97 kgs and 5ft 8.. I also have psoriatic arthritis and Fibro.

OP posts:

EssentialHummus · 29/10/2018 14:43

I did it a few years ago and dropped a dress size, now on it again to try shed the baby weight. It suits me because my main weakness is inhaling crap after supper and eating unthinkingly. With 5.2 I like that it isn’t “I can never have this”, it’s “I can’t have this today, if I still want it tomorrow I can”.


BigChocFrenzy · 29/10/2018 14:46

dawn Yes, 16:8 works best if it's every day, or 6 days per week.
The basic idea is to cut out either breakfast or supper and not eat back those calories during the 8 hour eating window


Foxyloxy1plus1 · 29/10/2018 14:52

I did 5:2 and lost about a stone, which went back on after I stopped. I did it to lose weight for a particular event. I was working then and had Mondays and Thursdays as fast days.

I found it hard, but it seemed worth it when the weight started coming off. Now I restrict (but not cut out) carbs and I exercise 4 or 5 times a week. I do t eat before I exercise, so I guess it’s more like 16:8.


Lindorballs · 29/10/2018 14:55

I’ve done it twice and find it great. I wasn’t able to maintain the first time because I got pregnant shortly after reaching my goal. I’ve lost 23lbs if baby weight this year on 5:2. I like not having to worry too much on my non fast days. Much easier for me than constant slight reduction in calories. I have just reached my goal so am doing “6:1” for maintenance. Planning is absolutely key. I am not super super strict on my fast days. I generally eat about 600-700 cals. But my weight loss has been slower. I don’t mind this. I have a select range of meals I eat on fast days. I combine it with doing 16:8 on those days eating only 2 meals between 12pm and 8pm and eating low carb on those days. I generally do two fast days in the week on days when I’m busy (particularly good to have something to do after dinner as the evenings are hardest), two days of eating very sensible and carefully but not “fast” days and Friday-Sunday I don’t worry at all and eat what I like. The first 2-3 weeks are really hard on the fast days but after that it gets much easier.


SeamstressfromTreacleMineRoad · 29/10/2018 14:59

My cousin lost almost two stones about two years ago - and has kept it off since - by using the 5:2. However, I knew that I couldn't stick to it; but then I saw a programme about the 16:8 diet, and decided to try it, as I've never eaten breakfast and I don't usually nibble in the evening...
Well, I started 3 months ago, and have gone down a dress size so far Smile
I've actually found something that I can stick to - and it's paying off..! Wish me luck Wink


5foot5 · 29/10/2018 15:08

When DH and I first did 5:2 - about 5 years ago - we followed it pretty strictly and were please with the results. He lost over 2 stone and I lost about 1 1/2 stone - which took us both down to "normal" BMI.

We don't follow it strictly now but we do have two fast-ish days every week to try and maintain where we are.

I found this method easier than any other sort of diet because you only have to be really strict with yourself two days a week, though obviously you have to be sensible the other days and not binge.


dawnacorns · 29/10/2018 15:21

Thanks bigchoc

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