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to ask for your experience with DC having Ikea bedroom furniture?

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SheilaBruce · 05/10/2018 12:01

Apologies for shamelessly posting here for traffic. We recently moved to Australia and I'm faced with an absolute dearth of affordable furniture for the DC that isn't complete useless junk. So, I'm considering turning to the good ol' faithful (and it's a 2 hour drive to the nearest store).

Is Ikea furniture any good for DC? Does it stand up to occasional jumping/bouncing/pounding? I'm just not sure about the robustness of it all (bedhead staying affixed and also the underneath slats).

DC are 6 and 3, so I don't really want to go for the toddler furniture. I'm considering the Malm range, definitely the single beds and probably the 6-drawer dresser (aware they need to be fixed to the wall). Or is the Slakt with trundle better?

Thanks for your opinions.

OP posts:
gabsdot · 05/10/2018 12:16

We have lots of IKEA furniture in our house and mostly it's very good.
DS age 14 is currently sleeping in a bed that was made out of his first toddler bed.
On the other hand DD had a day bed with an underneath bit that you pull out to make a double bed and it didn't last at all. It did get jumped on a bit and it literally broke apart. The wood on the sides snapped.
Our bed is IKEA. It's a metal frame and it very sturdy and pretty.
We all also have IKEA mattresses.
I find the storage is very good and sturdy if you put it together properly. We have a wardrobe with a drawer in it and it's slightly off so the drawer doesn't close properly.

implantsandaDyson · 05/10/2018 12:23

All our furniture is Ikea including the kids room. They have Malm drawers, Ikea beds- between us all there's 2 doubles and 1 single and a day bed. Our wardrobes, desks, Billy bookcases, Kallax storage etc have all stood the test of time. I've 3 kids - now aged 13,10 and 7 and most of the furniture has been around for 7/8 years so has been thoroughly bounced, sat, slept on.

NearlySchoolTimeAgain · 05/10/2018 12:26

Our malm beds were so sturdy we couldn’t get them apart!

Our drawers are always a bit wrong for the top pair of drawers. We’ve had loads of sets and they’re never quite right.

Almostfifty · 05/10/2018 12:28

All our children had Ikea furniture when they were growing up, we still have Billy bookcases which must be 20 years old now.

We've also got a sofabed which has been bounced on and slept on for that long too. I think it's probably time to change that...

SheilaBruce · 05/10/2018 13:11

Haha Almost, hmmm... note to self.

I do worry about the drawers as they always seem a little light-weight, e.g. the bottoms coming out after being jam-packed with scrunched up clothes.

OP posts:
DianaPrincessOfThemyscira · 05/10/2018 13:18

I’ve never had a chest of drawers where the bottom didn’t fall out, but I can’t adford dovetailed joints in my furniture.

Just buy straps for those they work well.

SistersOfPercy · 05/10/2018 13:34

We bought DS a loft bed once. We failed to measure. We had artexed ceilings.
For 5 years poor DS had permanent stipple marks on his forehead from where he sat up in bed too quickly.

That said, apart from our failure to measure anything we've always loved Ikea furniture and it's stood the test of time.

toomuchtooold · 05/10/2018 13:41

We've got the Malm king-sized bed and it would withstand an earthquake. Sore on the bloody shins though!

6SpringCats · 05/10/2018 13:45

Ikea stuff is great. I love the malm drawers as they are so deep - think mine are still going strong after 15 yrs. I got dh to put a strip of wood under the base which holds it in place well.
The kallax is fab too for storing all their other stuff

jellyandsoup · 05/10/2018 13:45

My kids are a bit older, they have stuva furniture in their rooms and its fab, never had a drawer bottom fsll out, and you can adjust it really easily as they grow. Cant comment on the beds tho they're not ikea.

SiennaSienna · 05/10/2018 13:48

Ours have had Hemnes double beds and bedroom furniture for more than 6 years. They also have Hemnes desks for school work and we're happy with the quality.

orhne · 05/10/2018 13:51

Some other Aussie brand ideas - Freedom furniture is good and pretty affordable. Fantastic furniture is shite. West Elm lovely but pricey, same for Matt Blatt. For online brands try Temple & Webster and Brosa.

dangermouseisace · 05/10/2018 14:01

We had ikea bunk beds, wardrobes, storage.

All great. Easy to put up and sturdy. Use the brackets they include with the items to attach things to the wall though, it’s easy to do.

Trillis · 05/10/2018 14:03

We bought the cheapest Ikea wardrobe set we could find when DS1 was 5 and DS2 was 2. It was a double wardrobe/drawers set, which they shared. Can't remember the name. We have just replaced it this summer. DS1 is now 17.

SoupDragon · 05/10/2018 14:05

I’ve had loads of Ikea stuff and I’m struggling to think of anything that hasn’t been good value for money.

If you want extra sturdiness, you can add wood glue when putting together drawers etc. Obviously you can’t then take it apart though!

CurlyRover · 05/10/2018 14:07

Almost all of our furniture is from Ikea. I think the only thing that wasn't is our settee, kitchen table and the inbuilt units which were here when we bought the house. Our wardrobe gave up after two house moves but other than that it's been fab. The 6 year old loves hers as she got to choose the colour of her wardrobe door and drawer fronts. I think when we replace her bed we'll get it from Ikea again and the only reason we're thinking of replacing it soon is to get her a loft bed to give her some more room.

SheilaBruce · 05/10/2018 14:08

Dilemma. I think from memory that Stuva is a little more robust as it's the younger child furniture. I see they have new fronts now, so thanks for the suggestion. Maybe worth considering. No matching bed alas. Hemnes is nice, but I'm swaying towards Malm purely due to the drawers (the 6-drawer dresser which is quite lowset rather than tallboy).

Thanks for suggestions oehne. You are reading my mind (fan-bloody-tastic furniture which everyone always suggests as being so fan-bloody-tastic). I worry about buying online purely due to freight costs and whether or not they'd accept returns. I just know I'd buy something that looks soooo good in photos, but is a flimsy little matchstick once taken from the box. With places like Amart, the stuff there just seems like a cheaper and less well designed version of Ikea anyway.

OP posts:
TheWernethWife · 05/10/2018 14:11

Malm is brilliant for children, lasted well into teenage years. Our Malm bed was brilliant, finally gave it away to a young couple who were just starting out.

TheWernethWife · 05/10/2018 14:13

oops, too many brilliants

Barryallen · 05/10/2018 14:13

Both my girls have all their bedroom furniture from Ikea. One has the malm range with the cube storage shelves and the other has the hemnes. All from Ikea in the US but great quality and bought for their tween/teen years. So sturdy I’m thinking of replacing my bed now as their mattresses are so comfy! Soft furnishings and chairs are also great value for money and look good.

babycatcher411 · 05/10/2018 14:18

We have Hemnes in our master, and whilst I love it, I wouldn't put it in the kids rooms.
We have the pax cupboards in every bedroom, they're great and so flexible to suit your needs. The other thing I'd 100% recommend is Kallax. I've had one in my sons room since we first moved house and could afford new furniture, it's been in 100 different places, in 100 different configurations with boxes, drawers, baskets etc. We will be most definitely putting one in the baby's room.

TheMShip · 05/10/2018 14:21

Kura beds also excellent - use them as mid-sleepers when the kids are little and need extra toy space on the floor, and then flip them back down to be regular height when they're older/too tall to play under the bed.

SheilaBruce · 05/10/2018 14:31

We didn't bring much furniture with us, but our kallax made it onto the boat!

Werneth, I misread - thought you said the Malm bed gave way due to a young couple just starting out Grin

OP posts:
IDoLoveToBeBesideTheSeaside · 05/10/2018 14:33

I don't think ikea bed slats can stand up to much jumping on the bed. You can easily get replacement slats, but we just didn't let them bounce on them. We let them bounce on the very robust ikea sofa cushions instead, lest I come over as Stern & Smug Grin.

Ours have now had Hemnes daybeds for about five years. Youngest must have been about six or seven when he got his. They still look good and are pretty robust. The drawers are great too.

We also have a Brimnes day bed as a sofa/spare bed in a space too small for the Hemnes. It was harder to build and is definitely not as robust. We had a Kura for our eldest and they all loved it, at both low and high.

They have old type Stuva drawers and they are very robust. Looking good after five years.

Jamiefraserskilt · 05/10/2018 15:41

Malm drawers have a central bar under the drawer bottom that gives it more strength. We have an eighteen year old Ikea nursery wardrobe that is still going strong after two kid's use. Had to glue one joint ten years back as small had been swinging on the door.

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