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in not sharing in the sadness of a death??

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dmo · 24/05/2007 21:27

now then to cut a long story short
my nana died last night, my mum called me this morning blubbering to tell me.
now my nana had alzemers (sorry cant spell) so didnt know who i was so i stopped visiting years ago as she could also get vielent (hit out) and i did not take my sons to visit.
my nana is my mums mum and my mum left myself, and my two brothers (aged 6,5,3) to live with my dads best friend so we had no contact with my nana while we were young until i decided to visit her myself when i got older.
my mum said she would contact me when she found out when the funeral is and kept asking if i was alright,
i course i'm alright its not like i was close or anything. now i'm a childminder and its half term next week so dont really want to take the day off to go to a funeral of somebody i didnt know well, dont even know why my mum is blubbering its not like she was close to her, and my mum took the day off work today, i must be hard but i dont see the point in getting upset and taking days off work when somebody had died who your not very close to, surely the better opp would have been to take a day off work to visit the person when they were alive.

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Desiderata · 25/05/2007 15:31

Bless you, LMP. It must have taken everything you had in you to read that at your mum's funeral.

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