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To expect DH's office to call me when he's taken to hospital?

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mummydoit · 16/05/2007 11:08

DH had a seizure at work yesterday and they called an ambulance. They didn't call me to let me know. I only found out when DH himself called from the ambulance but he was groggy and didn't make much sense. I called his office and they couldn't tell me which hospital he'd gone to. Thankfully, DH called me back and told me. He's fine now so no harm done but I'm a tad cheesed off with them.

OP posts:

jeangenie · 16/05/2007 11:11

NO not being unreasonable
glad he is ok


MrsTucky · 16/05/2007 11:12

"tad bit cheesed off with them"

I'd be absolutely furious !!! Glsd he's ok now tho Mummydoit.


mummydoit · 16/05/2007 11:28

Well, I'm trying to play it down as no real harm was done. The thing is, he's quite poorly anyway (having chemo) so they really should have taken extra care. Not a lot I can do, though. If he wants to complain, he can but I can't really go over his head and complain myself. Just wanted to have a bit of a moan about it so thanks for listening!

OP posts:

SweetyDarling · 16/05/2007 11:35

This is exactly why they are meant to have next-of-kin details for all staff members.
I'd be really angry!


jeangenie · 16/05/2007 11:48

meybe you should complain though, report it to HR. They should have procedures in place for this sort of thing which obviously weren't followed.
You are the next of kin and it is you who is affected by this failure to follow procedure.
You don't have to make it confrontational or awkward, just make them aware of the failure and tell them it mustn't happen again
sorry to hear he is so poorly


mummydoit · 16/05/2007 13:58

I'm waiting to see what DH says when he gets home. I think they are aware of the failure as the main boss, who wasn't in the office at the time, sent someone over to the hospital as soon as he found out with instructions to bring DH all the way home to Hertfordshire in a cab at the company's expense. Nice gesture but it would have been even more infuriating if I'd arrived at the hospital to find he'd already left!

OP posts:

Callmemadam · 16/05/2007 22:05

probably not helpful bt i agree that procedures should be in place. My dh's firm in the City had a colleague from USA visit who died in his hotel late on the Friday night. It took them 3 days to locate his wife in the States!!!!


Chelseamum · 16/05/2007 22:08

Perhaps the HR dept needs a bit of shake up!

Thy must have a form with a next akin to call in cases of emergency.

I would defo complain!

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