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To be getting hacked off that me going away on a course for 4 days requires miliary organisation

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Bamzooki · 13/05/2007 18:20

.....when I know if it was DH going away he would just pack his bag and wave goodbye!

Why do I feel I have to write lists of where dc need to be, when, and with what equipment, what goes into packed lunches, make sure food is available, arrange childcare for when dh won't be here...etc etc....

Going to be knackered before I get there at this rate!

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LazyLine · 13/05/2007 18:29

Don't do it!

He may not be used to doing all that stuff but he will learn. He is a human after all and (possibly) capable of independent thought. Don't make things harder for yourself!


Bamzooki · 13/05/2007 18:37

I know I know, and I'm sure he would manage fine.
The hours involved in his job make things a bit complicated, and I guess I am partly at least trying to save my mum from having to deal with it all, but at the end of the day they are his kids too I guess.

OP posts:

Bamzooki · 13/05/2007 18:38

Actually I'm not GUESSING they are his kids - I do KNOW that....

OP posts:

unknownrebelbang · 13/05/2007 23:02

DH manages fine when I go away.

I just can't help organising him and the boys before I go.

He isn't bothered either way, but I feel better doing it (even if I have a whinge about having to do it).

Control freak, moi??


DimpledThighs · 13/05/2007 23:03


I have to do this if I am away for one night and it pisses me off too.


Skribble · 13/05/2007 23:04

Sounds familiar, when DH goes he just goes, when I go I have to arrange PIL to pick up kids, write out timetables and set out bags etc.

I have a few trips away coming up and it is getting easier but child care still arranged around my 2 jobs DH never has to consider who is picking the kids up.

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