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to expect neighbour to return my ds's toys from accross the fence and not keep them for her child!

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melminx · 29/04/2007 16:43

My dc jump on the trampoline with their footballs and a few have gone into next doors garden this has been going on for over a year now. If we go ask for them she sometimes opens door and returns them but most of time she ignores us. Then i have to deal with my 2 ds asking me to get there stuff back from next door which they can clearly see her ds playing with from their bedrooms. I know she is a single mum on benefits even tho bf is around constantly but not reason to take what doesnt belong to her. If dc threw cat poop over would she keep that?? i dont think so.

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melminx · 29/04/2007 17:07

very constructive critism there!

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melminx · 29/04/2007 17:08

speccy have done that and while we had him she buggered off out till 11 at night! so no we didnt offer again.

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speccy · 29/04/2007 17:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

joash · 29/04/2007 17:11

If you've been a single mum - is this then more a case of you projecting what you were like as a single parent onto her. As in, expecting her to resond as you would have done?
Sounds more like annoying neighbours with no respect to me.

melminx · 29/04/2007 17:13

lol? the poor child was hysterical she dropped him round at 10 in the morning no nappies ( as he wasnt potty trained) no clean clothes nothing. Yes i'll be honest i cant stand her we put our fence up because we were sick of her just standing there watching us never spoke to us or answered when we spoke to her just watched. so yes your all right next time a ball goes over it can stay there!

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anniebear · 29/04/2007 20:48

lol we have next doors football

I havent kept it for my children though! Just am annoyed at a leather football flying over every day and landing on my plants!!!!

Or may hit my DD's

I also kept the cat bowl, plank of wood with a 4" nail that came over last week and the golf balls lol

so....I would be annoyed if your ball kept coming over regulary, but.....I woulnt be giving it to my children to play with!! very cheeky!

slimmerjim · 30/04/2007 09:23

Buy the cheapest balls from poundshops.

Don't let your kids bounce on trampolines while playing with them.

Don't expect any of them back if they do stray.

This advice applies to single and married neighbours alike.

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