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To not get any sort of large garden toy

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lecce · 31/05/2013 21:16

Sorry this is so dull but it is on my mind as neighbours have just installed a huge slide/swing/cabin-combo as well as the trampoline they already had. This has been noted by the dc.

These things all cost a bomb and I am unsure whether we would ever get our money's worth. We have two decent parks with a variety of play equipment within easy walking distance, as well as loads of countryside we can walk to from the house. We get out and about all the time to various places with adventure playgrounds etc so they have plenty of access to playground equipment of various kinds.

And yet...I look out of my bedroom window and most of the gardens have a trampoline, a swing, a slide - often more than one item. Some houses must be childless, so the vast majority of families have these things, right? Are they worth it?

We could afford to get something but money isn't limitless and I would feel mightily pissed off if it sat there ruining the lawn and not being played with.


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AmberLeaf · 03/06/2013 08:22

My parents bought our trampoline and it is fab.

I think it is 10 or 12ft?

Would like to have had more stuff, but my youngest is 10 so not likely now. [we have only had a garden for the last 5 years]

Trampolines are definitely worth it.

julesyd · 10/10/2013 16:51

Hi does anyone have a current discount voucher for ELC. I have not received one from the birthday club and want to buy presents for ds birthday next week.

bdbfan · 10/10/2013 17:54

We have a trampoline (bought by my mum) a swing and a slide I got from free cycle. So lots of stuff, and didn't cost me anythingSmile

NotYoMomma · 10/10/2013 17:57

slide and swing here - basics only
you can get some cheaper on eBay etc

cathpip · 10/10/2013 18:05

We have a trampoline and a large slide, which are the most played with toys ever and worth every penny. Even if it's raining my two will be in the garden playing on these.

Ericaequites · 10/10/2013 18:39

There's a middle ground in all this. Nicely maintained toys when kids are young are great fun. My cousins have over sixty outdoor toys in their yard. There's a nice swing set, but also lots of items picked up from posh neighborhoods on bulky trash day. My mum and I refer to it as "redneck preschool".

MammaTJ · 10/10/2013 19:04

We have two decent parks with a variety of play equipment within easy walking distance, lucky you. I will continue to provide a 'park' in the garden for my DC, in the absence of a decent one round here. They removed ALL the play equipment from our local one and we now have 5 tractor wheels, which were donated and half buried in the ground, which is a start!

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