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To think the nobdies must be really pissed they cant have a yoni themed thread title as they are only on 607 posts?

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grobagsforever · 12/04/2013 22:41

Bet they are now filling it on purpose....

OP posts:
coughingbean · 13/04/2013 19:52

I am not in the nobdies but I smile every time I see one of their threads. I feel my mumsnt would not be my mumsnet without them

WednesdayNext · 13/04/2013 20:41

Aww, thanks coughingbean that's nice to hear!

RattyPatty · 13/04/2013 22:14

'sup Nobdies?

I like this thread, it's like outreach.

You want to get yourself over to the Nobdie Bar for a swift half CoughingBean, you'd be most welcome.

Taffeta · 13/04/2013 22:15

Yo Ratty

Nob thread all welcome. we liiiike fresh blood

RattyPatty · 13/04/2013 22:19


HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey · 13/04/2013 22:21

Are you dissin the nobdies?

Don't diss the nobdies.

Taffeta · 13/04/2013 22:22

Is Yoni actually Googleable then? I thought it was an MN thing. Like naice ham.

Taffeta · 13/04/2013 22:22

Yo Hokey, quite right. But no dissing here, everyone's been luvverly.

Mouseface · 13/04/2013 22:23

Arrrrwww, thank you Coughingbean

You should come over sometime for a Brew :) xx

HokeyCokeyPigInAPokey · 13/04/2013 22:25

That's ok then Taff

had too much wine to read the whole thread Just thought i would check Grin

YoniOno · 13/04/2013 22:25

Lol at Yoni getting naice ham status when the thread was only two days ago or summat! Grin

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