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To think that horse owners as well as dog owners should have to take their animals poo home with them?

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deaconblue · 05/05/2011 18:43

I live in a suburban, residential estate. Recently a woman has started riding her horse through the housing estate. Consequently big piles of horse poo are left on the road. Everyone locally takes their dog poo away so aibu in thinking she should have to collect the horse poo? (obviously would not be safe to get off horse and bag it up but horses with carriages have poo bag arrangements tucked under their tails that she could try)

OP posts:
CaveMum · 06/05/2011 10:55

Home [sighs]

Cosmosis · 06/05/2011 11:08

snorbs I'm a cyclist, I have eyes. i see horse poo on the road, I go round it - just like I do with drains, potholes etc etc.

nijinsky · 06/05/2011 13:46

Newmarket is a blissful place. Spent two summers working there as a student summer job. Full of mult-billionaires, driving about about in open topped luxury cars, enjoying sniffing the horse poo filled air...

Ah, the smell of the countryside.

Does e coli from horse poo really concern people that much? Has there ever been a recorded case? I've spent much of my life slightly covered in the stuff, and have never even had a stomach upset, I must be immune.

olderandwider · 06/05/2011 15:12

HIGHWAY CODE: "Country roads"

Take extra care on country roads and reduce your speed at approaches to bends, which can be sharper than they appear, and at junctions and turnings, which may be partially hidden. Be prepared for pedestrians, horse riders, cyclists, slow-moving farm vehicles or mud on the road surface. Make sure you can stop within the distance you can see to be clear. You should also reduce your speed where country roads enter villages.

In other words, drivers must expect mud/horse poo on the road, at least in the countryside.

I concede that in built up areas (i.e 30mph max speed limit) then horse poo may be an unexpected hazard, but really, how common is it? Also, if stables etc are near by, quite often there are road signs warning that riders may be on the road, so dung is to be expected.

Katiepoes · 06/05/2011 15:16

Dung should not be expected on a cycling path or in a housing estate. (Granted that depends on the estate as anyone living in Tallaght will tell you)

olderyetwider · 06/05/2011 15:32

We sometimes ride through the village where we keep our horses (to the lovely horse friendly pubGrin) We nearly always ride on the road, but will occaisionally go onto the pavement to avoid huge tractors etc, or if we're holding the traffic up unacceptably. We only go onto the pavement if there are no pedestrians on it.

If the horses poo on the road we leave it, it. If they poo on the pavement we go back after putting the horses away and clear it up. (always clean up poo at the pub too!)

oohlaalaa · 06/05/2011 15:34


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