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Alcohol support

Cut back from 8-9 bottles of wine per week to one ..

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illraiseya · 16/01/2023 10:07

When should I see and feel a physical change.
It's been three weeks.
I drank to that extent for three years as I wanted to bury pain. The pain ironically has dissipated as I got rid of miserable and negative partner and am letting emotions flow through ne rather than drown them out temporarily.
I'm trying to focus on my physical health and appearance now. Thepsychological side is being taken care of with support but I know that a physical change would give me great motivation to continue.
I don't feel withdrawals and I don't miss the alcohol or the feelings it gave me.

When drinking I slept like a log and woke up relatively fresh. I was definitely sluggish at work and not firing 100% on all cyclinders. That's improved so much.

My mood is the same although I'm less needy and anxious if I'd drunk a huge amount the night before .

My eyes were slitty, my face puffy and blotchy sometimes and I had this enormous swollen belly relative to the rest of my body. I also had discomfort under my right rib cage. My calves were also regularly swollen.
That discomfort is gone and my belly isn't as swollen but I still looked wrecked as I don't sleep as well anymore . I've started to really up my skincare and water intake.

I go to bed early, drink enough water but definitely wake a few times per night and my last hour or two of sleep is so light, I feel like I'm just dozing.

So when will I stay to feel like myself or look like myself again.
I feel like I'm hiding under layers of puffiness and tiredness.

Thanks for reading and all the very best to those who are doing their best to control their alcohol situation, whatever that may be.

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ABrotherWhoLooksLikeHellMugYou · 17/01/2023 10:09

Is it worth finding a replacement indulgence for when you'd normally crack open the wine? A super fancy fruit juice with ginger in it that gives you that kick in the back of the throat feeling, or ditto with a really lovely tea so you have the ritual of making the tea first? Or some expensive tropical fruit that you normally wouldn't buy, but because you're saving on booze you can justify it? Or spicy nuts or a small bar of really good chocolate? Or use the time to learn a new hobby or paint your nails or something.

I'm trying to cut back on sugar consumption atm and I know it's so much harder when I am bored or trying to fill time than when I've planned in food or activities.

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