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Alcohol support

Drinking moderately

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IJustLovePirates · 31/01/2022 07:10

This is a thread for people who don’t want to give up alcohol completely, but who want to cut down and stay in control. I’ve been inspired by ‘Mindful Drinking’ which suggests having very definitive rules about how often and how much so that you’re not spending the day thinking about whether you should, or shouldn’t, and if so how much etc. (Well that’s what I do!)

My rules are:

No alcohol at all if I have work the next day

No alcohol before 6.30 if I’m at home

No drinking more than two days in a row

No drinking if I’m upset

Finish my first drink before ordering another if out, or topping up if I’m at home

Measuring out how much alcohol I can drink in an evening before I start and absolutely no “Oh, just one more…”!!!

And although my general rule will be 3 or 4 or less, sometimes things like parties happen…so no more than 5 drinks EVER

And if I can’t stick to this then it’s back to four weeks AF :)

OP posts:

catpoppet · 05/06/2022 09:23

I find that drinking lower alcohol beer helps a lot with moderation. E.g. 4% or under. Something about higher percentage sends me a bit nutty!

If you drink wine though, it's harder. Maybe try with soda or something.


AR77 · 19/06/2022 10:23


LovinglifeAF · 25/06/2022 14:14

I tried to moderate for years, it never worked more than short term.

I guess if I could have moderated I’d already have been doing it

over 10 months sober now and life is better without alcohol and the mental stress it brings worrying about it

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