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Alcohol support

Immediate help asda shop

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Newernewist · 19/08/2020 03:40

I've decided after 3hr+ on phone to AA and samaritans I need to stop drinking
I've got 1o cans of cider on my asda order tomorrow, can I refuse them and get a refund?
I've got one can in fridge and half a bottle of vodka in house, but can I physically refuse an item on a prepaid asda shop
Will they just take it back and refund
I'm in a bit of a mental health crisis.
But I dont think 10cans of cider is going to help
Do asda delivery just take back and refund any item (alcohol or not alcohol)

OP posts:

BigKnickers87 · 19/08/2020 08:01

You can definitely return things you don’t want. Best of luck with your journey Flowers


XiCi · 19/08/2020 08:05


If you have been drinking everyday for that long you may need medical support to stop. It can be dangerous to just go cold turkey. Can you try to cut down gradually before getting medical advice

Yes please just dont stop suddenly, its really really dangerous. The advice is to cut down gradually. Please call your GP for advice.


Prettybubblesintheair · 19/08/2020 11:47

How are you op?


Newernewist · 19/08/2020 14:59

I'm ok, I've poured away the stuff I had in the house, I'm going to refuse the cider that's coming,
I'm waiting for a call from someone local after speaking to national number last night.
I'm struggling

OP posts:

Newernewist · 19/08/2020 15:00

In fact im really struggling.

OP posts:

isabellerossignol · 19/08/2020 15:08

What about ringing your GP for advice? If physical withdrawal might be dangerous you need proper medical advice, not just psychological support.


Northernsoullover · 19/08/2020 15:12

Are you a Facebook user? If so come and join us in the group The Unexpected Joy of being Sober. Named after the book (not affiliated with) because there are members from across the world there is 24/7 support there.


DerbyshireGirly · 19/08/2020 15:12

OP you're doing really well. It will be hard at first - this shows that something in your brain is changing. It's progress.

Please remember not to touch any of the shopping or bags before you ask the driver to take the cider back. This is because of current covid restrictions. If you touch anything they might not be able to take it back


Newernewist · 19/08/2020 15:38

I've just had a call from someone, I'm getting sent details for a zoom meeting hopefully tonight.

OP posts:

Newernewist · 19/08/2020 15:39

I attended meetings 2 years ago, I thought I didnt have a problem, but I do.
I'm scared, feeling rough and struggling, but I really want to free my self of this

OP posts:

Quackersandcheese3 · 19/08/2020 15:40

Yes you can return and get refund . Just speak to the driver when he’s unloading the crates.


Newernewist · 19/08/2020 20:25

Well, driver came I asked him to take them back, absolutely fine.
I've just attended an online meeting
Still craving a drink.
I'm exhausted, keep sweating.
But I'm going to try get an early night

OP posts:

FromEden · 20/08/2020 00:05

I already said it but you need to seek medical advice asap. If you are sweating, thats a sign of withdrawal and things could get very serious. Its dangerous to just stop.


Prettybubblesintheair · 20/08/2020 08:28

That’s great you refused them, that shows a lot of strength. Alcohol withdrawal can be really dangerous so please seek medical help from your gp or if you google drug and alcohol services in your area you should be pointed in the right direction. Is anyone with you who can help?


XiCi · 20/08/2020 10:23

You need help from drug and alcohol services. I've had a family member and close friend who have gone through this and the advice was to slowly cut down. When people are saying it's very dangerous to stop suddenly they mean it can actually kill you. Please please call your GP


Brokensunrise · 20/08/2020 10:26

Are you getting medical help with your drinking OP? Is your GP aware etc?


Newernewist · 20/08/2020 12:28

Hi, I feel much better today.
I think the sweating was panic and anxiety, rather than withdrawal.
I've not spoken to GP, I dont really want in my records.
I have a very clear head this morning when I woke up.
The meeting last night really helped.
Another one tonight
I'm feeling pretty positive
Thank you for you messages x

OP posts:

XiCi · 20/08/2020 12:59

If you have been drinking every day for 24 years then the sweating will be the start of withdrawal. I think you're being incredibly naive and reckless to not seek medical help given the length of your addiction but I do wish you all the best


Newernewist · 20/08/2020 13:55

Thank you, I dont know how to tag.
I honestly feel fine physically.
I have had little breaks in drinking, I actually went to AA 2 years ago and stopped for a few months unassisted medically.
After feeling sick yesterday (I did have a horrific hangover) I feel hungry and am going to eat.
I am determined to do.this.

OP posts:

Lobsterquadrille2 · 20/08/2020 22:50

Hi OP, really well done. Please PM me for any support (AA for nearly 13 years).

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