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Alcohol support

Very smelly farts (sorry!)

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Lotty32 · 08/05/2020 20:35

Been alcohol free for 56 days - first time ever - was a very heavy drinker and I am an alcoholic. In the last few weeks my farts have become extremely smelly! Is this normal? Sorry if tmi!

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Aquamarine1029 · 08/05/2020 20:43

First of all, congratulations on your sobriety. You are doing brilliantly, and I'm so happy for you! As for the farts, I would suspect your body is in a major course of recalibration, if you will. Your liver is healing, your gut is rebalancing, etc. I would focus on a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, and give it some time. Again, well done!

HappyHammy · 08/05/2020 20:47

Well done..agree with pp but how is your poo if you dont mind me asking. What sort of foods are you eating.

Lotty32 · 08/05/2020 21:15

Thx for replies and I think you are both right - tend to eat lots of protein and less carbs (but this diet hasn't really changed so pretty sure it's my body trying to recover! Pretty horrid though!

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