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Alcohol support

I need help

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user1483387154 · 20/10/2019 05:05

I cant control myself. I am drinking 7 bottles of wine a week sometimes much more.
every day i say it wont happen again but i always find an excuse to pick up a bottle or 2 and once i start I cant stop till it's all gone.

I hate who I have become . I dont remember what I say and do when drunk.
I dont want my son to see me drunk again. I dont want to be out of control anymore but I dont feel strong enough to cope with my life without it.

why cant I stop?

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NiteWotcha · 20/10/2019 05:26
user1483387154 · 20/10/2019 05:31

thank you so much I have posted on there now

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Strugglingagain · 21/11/2019 09:28

How are you getting on?

user1483387154 · 23/11/2019 17:46

I'm struggling. some days I'm ok others I fail miserably.

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Strugglingagain · 03/12/2019 17:17

Hope you are ok. I am on day 10 and with the help of anti depressants im feeling so much better and not needing a drink at all. I was a mess 2 weeks ago and didnt want to be alive but i knew i needed help and so glad i did. Starting to feel like the real me xx

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