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Newjobnewstart · 14/08/2019 07:45

Im worried i have a problem. I know i drink too much and have been making an effort to cut down.
So last week i drank as follows
Mon/tues nothing, wed half bottle red, thurs nothing, friday 2 glasses red, sat (at a party) 2 red, 1 prosecco, 3/4 gins (did drink water in between) sun 2 red. Nothing since then.
In previous weeks i would drink 3 to 4 bottles of wine between wed and sunday.
I have had a rotten headache and bad sleep (tho thats normal)since monday ive read on here that can be a sign of withdrawel. Ive had a craving like when i gave up cigs. However i have loads of alcohol in the house and im not drinking it.

My dad was an alcoholic - drank from.when he woke up to when he went to bed. Would dribk anything - cheap cider beer etc. All he thought about was whete his next drink was coming from. He didnt work due to this. I dont want to become him.

Also to add i do suffer from health anxiety where every little symptom is something worse. If i read something i can find a symptom somewhere.

I do want to cut down but would ratheer not stop completely. Thanks for readimg and any advice you may be able to give

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chillichutneysarnie · 31/10/2019 18:08

I feel similar, used to just drink on a Friday and Saturday night but since a couple of bereavements in the last 2 years my DH and I only have 1-2 drink free days a week now.
The only advice I can currently give us get rid of all the alcohol in the house. We bought a crate of wine with the intention of giving them out as Xmas presents or saving them for Xmas dinner, guess what, they were all gone in a week. So try not to have any in the house at all, and what I'm thinking of doing is just gradually increasing the drink free days up to 3-4 and eventually get back to only drinking once a week or so.

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