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Alcohol support

Help needed, DSS not safe.

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Notnamed · 09/06/2019 17:30


DP is enroute (3 hours away) to try and help his son.

DSS is 33, diagnosed 18 months ago with bipolar and is an alcoholic.
This time DSS has drank for 10 days (stopped his BP med's to be able to do so)
Has been out of contact ( couple of days at a time) for the last 10 days.
Has talked about killing himself.
Has injuries because he has fallen.
On Friday he took himself to A&E, they gave him med's for the withdrawal from alcohol. He continued to drink Saturday and again talked of killing himself.
We called 111 and they sent an ambulance, escalated to an emergency because he had head injuries. They took him to hospital, he refused to go inside and went home.
He messaged this morning to say he was hallucinating through withdrawal.

His DM and DB are there now but can't control his violence. DP is on his way.
None of his family can continue to miss work to stay with him long term while he sobers. No assessments can be made because he is drunk.

This happens every two to three weeks, same cycle.

DSS has moved out from his wife and DC's. Lives alone, will lose his job, his flat and will be homeless?
His DM today was shocked to find his flat is a disgrace, burned carpets, 20 empty bottles of vodka, same for beer and cider.

This can't carry on. He has been in units for MH but signs himself out. His family don't know what to do next.

We have read information and understand 'enabling' and know about AA ( which he goes to sometimes or so he tells us, though so many lies. We know that he has to want to be sober and that we can't do it for him.

He lies, he is expectant about money, he is horrid to this he loves. His DF and DM are decent professional people. His DM has had alcohol issues herself.

He is losing everything.

Sorry for the ramblings. We are at a loss and scared for his safety.

No sure what happens next.

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