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Alcohol support

I think I have a problem

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SubTemp · 25/05/2019 10:49

I drink too much, I know that. It’s my go to response for any emotion. I have chronic depression and anxiety that is pretty well controlled with medication but I turn to alcohol whenever I’m overwhelmed.

I drink most days after work, average of 2 pints and a few vodkas a night. Much more on the weekend, I average 2 alcohol free nights per week and I feel SO much better when I do but I can’t keep it up.

I immediately regret drinking before I even get to bed, the alcohol mixed with my medication gives me nightmares, night time panic attacks and hallucinations and I promise myself no more! Until the next evening and works been stressful.

Today I’m lying in bed feeling groggy and shaky with palpitations when I have lots to be doing and I’m so angry with myself.

I don’t know how to fix myself 😔

OP posts:
Kittykat93 · 25/05/2019 11:27

Hi op. It's good you've recognised you need to cut down. I have suffered with alcohol issues for years now. My problem is I'm a binge drinker and don't know when to stop. I hate only having one glass of wine, or one pint. It has to be enough so I can feel the effects.

Like you, I regret doing it as I'm going to bed as I know how crap I will feel the next day. Still, I continue to do it.

So sorry no advice, but just to let you know there are others in the same boat too. 💐

FantasticMissFox · 25/05/2019 11:37

Well done OP, I've not been in your situation but glad you are asking for help. It's worth having a google to find a local AA or substance misuse service in your area. Most of them have an easy referral process and lots of ways to get help.

JapanFan · 28/05/2019 10:15

In a similar boat, I to am beginning to accept I may have a problem. I binge drink at weekends & easily get through a couple of bottles of wine on a Saturday & a Sunday & a bottle on a Friday night. It affects my energy the next day & I certainly feel better during the week when I don't drink but I really enjoy a glass of wine. Problem is if i'm drinking a glass of wine then i'm drinking a bottle, I don't seem to have a stop button.

bedroomcushions · 28/05/2019 11:56

Alcohol dependency comes in all shapes and sizes. However, using alcohol to relax or relieve bordom, not having a stop button are common traits of problem drinkers. It is usually a slow progressive decline, so much so that only the people around you can see it.

Find your triggers, shake up your routine, get rid of all alcohol in your home, fill your fridge with healthy foods, become obsessed with caring for yourself. If you normally drink at 9pm, find something else to do that you enjoy at that exact time. Don't hang around with other heavy drinkers, socialise at non drinking events - take the opportunity to broaden your horizons. Health, sex, reading, learning, entertainment, conversations are far more enriching experiences sober, than drunk.

Alcohol and anti-depressants make me feel worse not better. If you are serious about making improvements in your overall health, you need to start by prioritising your MH. Cut out the alcohol, let your meds work, you will sleep better and be able to cope with work stresses and life stresses that we all have.

Tell us what you enjoy doing other than drinking?

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