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Name Change

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SLMorris · 15/03/2019 20:22

Hello all, just wondering if anyone has had any experience with changing the name of your adopted children. our SW is totally against it and I do understand why. In my head I've always dreamed of naming my child and want something that suits our family - we are looking to adopt under 2 years but I know that they will have an identity even then. we're in the matching phase and I really dislike the name of our potential match.
If you've done it could you tell me how that went for you??

OP posts:
howmanyusernames · 20/03/2019 14:00

We were told throughout the process we couldn't change names. Then when we met our LO HIS SW asked what we were going to call him!
We already knew him as X, and changing his name never crossed our minds until then, and we then thought 'Shall we?' but didn't.

  1. That was his name, he was only 6 months old but he knew it. His BM had also given him that name, so that was something we could do for her, keep it.
  2. One of his middle names was also my OH's middle name, so we kept that too.
  3. We changed his other middle name to be one we would have picked.

    So, he is now 'original first name' 'new middle name' 'original middle name' 'our surname'! ☺
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