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is it worth responding or better to ignore

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MissCheevious · 30/09/2018 18:22

DD's BP have never really got the hang of letter box. Lots of I miss you, I will see you at 18, we always went to the 'whatever they have done with me'.

I have never responded to this as its understandable and I just pop the letters away for when DD is older.

However, BM has had 3 babies since DD was removed and all were taken into care at birth. This has upset DD greatly and we have had many a tear shed over the years about 'lost' siblings.

This letter box BP wrote 'I bet DD is very excited about her new sibling Bob'.

I feel for DDs sake I need to put them straight. Exciting isnt what DD feels every time she finds out about another sibling being put straight into care, its extreme sadness, hurt, regret and pain.

Worth mentioning or something just to suck up, roll my eyes at and ignore?

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darkriver198868 · 05/10/2018 23:21

My After Adoption support worker was telling me that they have a scheme up north called Breaking The Cycle. However, our LA refuses to fund it which is a shame.

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