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Easy/hard to place

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LaLaLands · 30/12/2017 20:47

We are currently discussing children’s background factors leading to their adoption with our SW and we are doing as much research as we can. Our SW has specifically mentioned that linkmaker generally has “hard to place” children, she inferred it might be better to wait for a match via the LA. Does anyone have any insight into what makes a child easy/hard to place? From my own research it doesn’t seem like there are any guarantees in adoption, what looks like an easy/hard to place child may turn out to the complete opposite. I feel like it’s a lottery, that there’s no way we can begin to minimise “risk”. It’s almost impossible to say a child who has experienced “x” will likely fare better than a child who has experienced “y”. Surely is like comparing apples and oranges? Or am I missing something? Is there a more “desirable” background or it it more “finger in the air”?

What do you guys think?

OP posts:
fasparent · 06/01/2018 17:08

Yes no one want's medals., Shure children would like a micky mouse watch though, just recently spent weeks sitting and sleeping in intensive care
60 miles from home, kid's and other half left too fend for them self's , thankfully the out come was positive baby is now with a family so positive's all round. This is not uncommon.

bostonkremekrazy · 07/01/2018 12:09

My point is many prospective adopters would say a NO to a child with a life limiting disease, physical disability, health condition etc.
Some - many - of us here on mumsnet have said YES to many disabities and we live happily with them day to day.
It doesnt mean that a prospective adopter coming behind us has to because they are adopting, or because that is what we few on this board do.
I've become aware over several months that there is lots of 'well my kids are X, Y, Z' and I wonder just how many read this and are effectively put off adoption.
There are many children needing adoption who do not have disabilities, and their hard to place status is simply the age 3+, gender - male, or that they are a sibling group.
Yes a disability definately makes a child hard to place, but actually that group of children make up only a fraction of children who need families....and sometimes on this board it feels like they are constantly being 'advertised' to prospective adopters.

Parenting a child with a disability is not for everyone, when did that message get lost along the way?

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