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Medical fee?

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Rainatnight · 16/07/2016 09:51

We've just got a bill for £100 (each!) from our GP for our adoption medicals. Is that normal? Shock

OP posts:
Italiangreyhound · 17/07/2016 22:09

I guess because we initially considered adopting from abroad, which costs thousand and thousand, the fee seemed a small price to pay.

I am not sure why we needed to pay for that and nothing else. But I do feel those about to adopt a child should not be strapped for the amount of money it costs for the medical, if it is reasonable, since raising a child costs so much.

But as I say, no idea why people (some people, as I know some did not) have to pay for just this bit.

Italiangreyhound · 17/07/2016 22:16

This may be of interest.

Just to balance things out we have had 100s of pounds worth of post adoption support totally free and I think that's been the most important thing for us.

MypocketsarelikeNarnia · 18/07/2016 18:05

Ours was £75 each hence £150. :)

GodMother78 · 19/07/2016 22:48

We paid what the agency said was the standard fee. The practice went along with it. I think some Dr's assumed our agency would pay for it. Not the case

winewhine · 19/07/2016 23:12

I paid £120. So when the GP tried cutting corners, saying 'oh, I don't need to do that, I think' I said I'd paid for it, so I wanted a full check up! I wanted my money's worth!

Kr1stina · 20/07/2016 16:56

The GP has the right to charge if they want. It's a set fee so no point in disputing the amount.

Overseas adopters are often charged over £5,000 for their home study and they are doing an equally " good thing " .

dimples76 · 20/07/2016 20:05

When I made the appointment for mine the receptionist said I would have to pay but when I asked how much she said she didn't know.

In the end I didn't pay anything but I don't actually know if it's because the LA paid, GP waived it or it was just an admin oversight. Guess I was just lucky!

Kr1stina · 20/07/2016 21:01

Government agreed fees for GPs

Medical examination and report in surgery is £130

winewhine · 20/07/2016 21:32

Kr1stina totally correct, as doctor's time is expensive, and it'snon-NHS work.

However, I felt I should therefore at least get a medical rather than a quick 'ah, you're fine!'- examine me! I've paid for it!

Rainatnight · 22/07/2016 22:19

I think those fees are for employment checks, though, or benefiting a private company. I just think it's a bit different when it's for a public thing.

It's just a slight policy hobby horse of mine about the NHS - it feels odd for them to charge another part of the public sector for something. But it's not a big deal.

Got our PAR today, slightly surreal reading it!

OP posts:
Stang1991 · 15/08/2016 15:23

We have our medicals booked and they are £130 each, quite a shock but it needs to be done.

drsholmes · 15/08/2016 16:26

Our GP has quoted £135! (that's each)

Kr1stina · 15/08/2016 16:57

Yes, that's the standard BMA fee for an examination and report .

weefreeladies · 15/08/2016 19:53

Except GP surgeries are private small businesses, who are contracted to provide a certain set of medical services. Private reports are outside of that.

That adoption agencies should pay, yes. But not that GPs should do something outside their contract for free. Just like if there's a legal dispute, the LA should pay the lawyer, but no one expects the lawyer to act for free.

WelshVickie81 · 15/08/2016 20:55

We haven't had ours yet but friends who are at a similar stage have been told £275 each by their GP, two others paid 75 and 80 though. We're all adopting through the same agency and have to pay for our own. I'm hoping ours will be at the lower end of the scale!

TeamAcorn · 17/08/2016 16:06

We paid £80 each I think. It was just a chat and going over our medical records, took maybe 20 mins? I did get offered a cup of tea before we started, by the doctor no less! That's probably the first and last time that is ever going to happen in an NHS doctors lol!

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