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How much do you pay for Rainbows/Brownies?

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user6078472 · 01/07/2023 20:52

Currently on a waiting list but have no idea on the price and it just states that it varies. Just wanted an idea of what people pay?

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BettyOBarley · 01/07/2023 22:12

£40 per term, plus extra for trips.

It's been a busy year for trips for us this year - probably about 10 sleepovers on offer, ranging from £30-£90 but of course you don't have to do any/all.

Patchworksack · 01/07/2023 22:19

£30 per term and extra for trips, all very reasonable about £30 for weekend camp. All made possible by wonderful volunteers.

user6078472 · 01/07/2023 22:27

Thanks everyone its a lot more reason that I thought!

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user6078472 · 01/07/2023 22:27


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GeorgeSpeaks · 01/07/2023 22:33

@user6078472 I would bear in mind that alongside that comes the responsibility to volunteer one evening a term or so if that's what the leadership team need. They're giving hours of their time every week to plan, resource and run meetings.

BouleBaker · 01/07/2023 22:54

Guiding and Scouting will always try and jeep charges as low as possible, but each group varies so much as you can see. Some have halls to keep up, some hire halls etc. because the adults are volunteers though it should always be at the cheaper end of weekly activities.

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