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Bath - any recommendations for places to eat

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Turmerictolly · 14/06/2023 19:14

We're in Bath this weekend- any recommendations for places to eat please? We like gastropub type places - not formal but not fast food/chain either. We eat meat/fish/veg, Asian and other ethnic foods.

Don't mind driving out a bit to somewhere.

OP posts:
knittingaddict · 15/06/2023 11:44

Crikeyalmighty · 15/06/2023 11:30

@knittingaddict at 61 definitely not- great place though- their banana bread with yoghurt and berries is terrific - as are all the 'on toast ' things- a favourite of ours on a Saturday/Sunday morning- as is newton st looe farm shop

I could be 81. 😉

Actually I'm soon to be 60.

The banana bread sounds lovely, but my prediabetes says no.

That farm shop is good too.

knittingaddict · 15/06/2023 11:47

Not keen on Sally Lunns. It's a bit of a claustrophobic tourist trap at this time of year. Also had terrible service there years ago and haven't been back since.

himums · 15/06/2023 11:47

I love the Scallop Shell, delicious and fun

littlehattie · 15/06/2023 11:47

Henry's is amazing

littlehattie · 15/06/2023 11:48

Needanewnamecantthinkofanythinggood · 15/06/2023 11:25

Nobody has mentioned Sally Lunns??

I went for lunch there a couple of weeks back, and they do look to have a nice evening menu as well.

Booking recommended!

Yes! It was delicious

Crikeyalmighty · 15/06/2023 12:20

@knittingaddict I was pre diabetic too - but have now reversed it after 4 months (phew) - back to 39 from 44- I'm also gluten free- so my H has the banana bread- I have eggs and avo on GF!!

MarchionessOfMayhem · 15/06/2023 12:38

Definitely the Hare and Hounds and The George in Bathampton

PatriciaHolm · 15/06/2023 12:38

Just FYI it's Bath Uni open days Friday and Sat this week, and they are expecting thousands -the Uni is slightly out of town, but it still might be super busy and worth booking if you really don't want to miss somewhere specific!

Crikeyalmighty · 15/06/2023 13:28

@PatriciaHolm yes I meant to say that too, we live very very near the Uni- happy days!!! Guaranteed to be a driving nightmare round us

Iloveabaconbutty · 15/06/2023 13:35

The Upton Inn, Upton Cheney was always a great pub for food and drink when I lived in the area. I used to enjoy a pint at the Old Crown at Kelston too. It does food but I don't recall having eaten there.

Turmerictolly · 16/06/2023 08:02

Thanks all, managed to get a booking at the Hare and Hounds. They said they were almost fully booked so glad that you've all helped.

OP posts:
NowZeusHasLainWithLeda · 16/06/2023 08:18

Also seconding (thirding?) The Scallop Shell for fish. Quality but informal.

Whyishewearingasombero · 16/06/2023 09:35

Noyas Kitchen - great vietnamese!

Crikeyalmighty · 16/06/2023 12:07

@Whyishewearingasombero indeed!!

Turmerictolly · 18/06/2023 21:14

Just thought I'd drop back in to update. Gorgeous view at the Hare and Hounds (we sat on the terrace), food was really nice but there was a gap of an hour between starter and main courses although those arriving later than us got their meals quicker. They took 10% off the bill. Ate the next day at Dough - looked a bit dingy but the food was amazing with a simple menu. I had a really delicious parmigiana and caprese salad with home made pesto. Ds had pizza, large choice of bases and traditional toppings.
We also saw Beckfords kitchen which looked lovely and had a garden and Circus - lovely, more sophisticated menu.

OP posts:
Crikeyalmighty · 18/06/2023 22:09

@Turmerictolly Dough does great hemp base pizzas and really good gluten free ones too - Circus is a lovely restaurant-

Iloveabaconbutty · 18/06/2023 22:15

I lived near Bath for nearly twenty years. Left that part of the country for job-related reasons nearly thirty years ago now. We're planning a visit in a couple of weeks for the first time in years. This thread is giving us some great ideas! 👍

Crikeyalmighty · 18/06/2023 22:18

@Iloveabaconbutty if you do indeed love a bacon butty- I recommend Rosarios !!!

ThePoshUns · 18/06/2023 22:22

Olé for tapas

Iloveabaconbutty · 18/06/2023 22:40

Thanks @Crikeyalmighty I've made a note!

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