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I’m determined to encourage birds into my garden this year -any tips welcome.

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QuintanaRoo · 19/03/2023 08:03

So I have bought a bird feeder hanger which I’ve put a few feet away from a little apple tree where I sometimes see sparrows sitting.

I’ve bought a seed holder which has three chambers for three different types of seeds. I bought niger seeds and also some”no mess” quality mixed bird seed. I’m now thinking the Niger seeds was a mistake as I’ve never seen finches before……but maybe the Niger seeds will encourage them.?

the feeder holder has a mesh flat tray part so I was thinking of putting suet or maybe mealworms on this.

I see blackbirds in the garden sometimes, also sparrows, wood pigeons. There are crows on the house roof most days.

what else would be good to put out?

OP posts:
spidereggs · 19/03/2023 20:21

As I said earlier we have the window feeders and no poo issues ever.

One squirrel once.

My friends garden is absolutely full of birds, as others have said if you feed them they come.

Hollyhocksandlarkspur · 19/03/2023 22:32

It is lovely to sow wild flower seed OP but also if you just leave the lawn to grow many dormant seeds will emerge and you will get flowers that are adapted to your particular environment. We tried this after advice and got orchids! Cheaper and less work as you just let nature take its course although wildflower meadows can be stunning they have to be taken back to bare earth and looked at each year.

Ihaventgottimeforthis · 19/03/2023 22:41

Yes to long unmown grass & compost rich soil for the insects & worms. Leaf piles, log heaps, stone & brick stacks, lots of dandelions & clover.
Please do keep the feeders as clean as possible if you use them, a weekly wash.
Poor greenfinches have been devastated by a fungal disease passed on at garden feeders.

HelloVeritas · 19/03/2023 23:22

Good quality fatballs - the fatty/greasy ones rather than hard/dry ones.

Birds flock to them. We've seen a pair of Blackcaps on ours plus a Woodpecker feeds most mornings as it's doing it's rounds.

MonumentalLentil · 19/03/2023 23:41

I have a fat ball holder that supposedly keeps the bigger birds away, it doesn't. I have hung a tray feeder underneath it, attached to the feeder by the hooks, it catches the bits that fall from the fat balls, otherwise I found the rats were picking it up. Also moved it further from the house for the same reason.

I have several plants saucers, big ones around, for water, a bird bath and a home made bird bath that the pigeons love. It's an upturned ceramic pot with a plant saucer on top, sitting on a table. They also use the bird bath, the Corvids use the bird bath but not the home made one much and like to dip bits of bread in the water.

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