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Recommendation for bouquet of flowers

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Timeflieswhenyourehavingfun · 12/03/2023 12:32

I’m in Ireland I want to send a bouquet of
flowers to a relative in the UK.
Budget approx £60.

Any recommendations or any to avoid ?

OP posts:

luckylavender · 19/03/2023 17:43

Always Bloom and Wild.


JulesJules · 19/03/2023 18:07

I won't use Waitrose since I sent some flowers which were supposed to have chocolates with them. They didn't include the chocs then lied to me and made excuses, said the chocs were a free add on, that they were now out of stock (they were still being advertised) then said it was because I'd ordered something else, that had "pushed the free chocolates out of the basket" They absolutely refused to send some on, the woman on the phone actually laughed at me. Terrible customer service.

I've had problems with Bloom and Wild, not delivering then saying things were out of stock, wanting to substitute flowers for a bay tree and the usual "give them a few days and they'll perk up"

Have never had any problems with M&S and have always found their bouquets to be really good quality, and really well packaged.


MargaretThursday · 19/03/2023 19:01

Bloom and Wild are lovely. I use them because the letterbox flowers means I don't have to check the person is going to be in that day. They sometimes look a bit tired when they first arrive but they always perk up really quickly.
Never had a bad bunch from them, but one time when I'd sent a bunch and others had complained about the same bunch (but ours was fine) they automatically contacted me and offered a voucher for the same price, even after I'd told them ours was lovely.
I sent the extra bunch to someone who deserved them but would have felt guilty at me spending money on them, so a full win all round.

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