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Plusword - new thread 1!

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Sunbird24 · 07/01/2023 00:14

For some reason the last one seems to have been deleted for breaching talk guidelines! 🤷🏻‍♀️

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 00:44

OP posts:

Floralnomad · 14/01/2023 00:20

01:14 , with interruptions. Hope you are feeling better @Sunbird24


Sunbird24 · 14/01/2023 00:22

Thank you @Floralnomad the throat’s a bit better but the sneezing has started and now it’s up in my sinuses so breathing is not fun! Still, the loss of appetite is probably helping with the extra pounds from Christmas!

OP posts:

Pollywoddles · 14/01/2023 03:36

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 04:02

Lefthanded and after the second feed of the night.


sanityisamyth · 14/01/2023 05:47

2.23 just didn't click today


Buttalapasta · 14/01/2023 07:16

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 03:11


JoyDivisionOvenGlovesx · 14/01/2023 07:51

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 00:59

I missed yesterday’s. I’d decided to try evening instead of morning, but promptly forgot all about it. Think I’ll stick to mornings then.

Hope you feel right soon, Sunbird.


Drywhitefruitycidergin · 14/01/2023 08:08

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 02:07

Had to really think today - it's so much harder when 1a/1d are the last ones you get. (Always the plants & animals i fall down on)
PW quite straightforward

Get better soon @Sunbird24


Albaniarocks · 14/01/2023 08:10

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 00:52

What are people's tactics?
Do you try and answer in order?
I usually try 1 across and then the down clues, so at least I know the first letter.
I'd love to hear other methods


Hepzibar · 14/01/2023 08:14

@Albaniarocks I look at the across clues first and then the down putting in what I can, then do the the same process hoping the letters I've managed to get in help. Going to try your process tomorrow 😊

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 01:45


Readytostartagain · 14/01/2023 08:16

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 01:37 Couldn’t remember 1A which always slows me down. Maybe I should start with the down clues instead


oviraptor21 · 14/01/2023 08:25

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 00:59

Third day in a row under the minute (I think).
If I get 1a I then move to the downs. If I don't get 1a I move to the downs. If I get 1d I then move back to the acrosses! Otherwise go in order.

Hope you feel better soon @Sunbird24


DadDadDad · 14/01/2023 08:43

A plodder's 2:23 today.


Sunbird24 · 14/01/2023 08:48

I try and answer the clues as they come up - on my phone so I get each A then each D. If I don’t know the word right away (in about 2s) I move straight on to the next and then go back and fill in any gaps at the end. Quick scan for typos then the PW.

On a separate note, this morning I have learned why you should never sneeze lying down 🤧

OP posts:

MarmiteWine · 14/01/2023 10:43

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 01:21

Didn't know 1A in that context and lots of the other clues were a bit too vague for me today so I was skipping about all over the place.

On a very good day, I'll know 1A and the rest of the across clues immediately, then just need to sense-check before completing the PW.

Otherwise I try to complete all the down clues.

On my slower days, like today I'm not able to complete all the across or all the down clues on the first pass and my brain will rapidly (usually) jump around all the gaps.


Piemam · 14/01/2023 11:08

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 00:53

Hope @Sunbird24 gets better soon and to the poster with the left hand feed situation, well done! That's a feat.


Stokey · 14/01/2023 14:18

Very slow today

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 02:45


Mumsnut · 14/01/2023 15:12

3.54. 😬


hoochyhag · 14/01/2023 17:32

Oh dear

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 05:29


IGoWalkingAfterMidnight · 14/01/2023 21:40

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 02:10


Floralnomad · 15/01/2023 01:30

01:50 , took a while to get going on this one


Sunbird24 · 15/01/2023 04:33

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 01:04

Bit slower for me today too

OP posts:

Hepzibar · 15/01/2023 07:06

No technique on this one - very messy

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 03:26


Albaniarocks · 15/01/2023 08:03

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 01:25

Lots of typos today


JoyDivisionOvenGlovesx · 15/01/2023 09:09

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 01:11

Definitely trickier today, I thought.


Readytostartagain · 15/01/2023 09:16

⏱️ I just completed PlusWord in 03:53 Found that hard today

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