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Do you have a pointless superpower?

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GnomeDePlume · 27/09/2020 07:01

You know, that thing you can do which others cant but which is surprisingly useless.

Mine: I tie shoelaces upside down which is great if I am tying someone else's shoelaces but means my own are upside down (ie loose ends at the top of the knot). This was a useful skill when DCs were little but now they are in their 20s and dont need me tying their shoelaces.

DH: putting up coving - he can just see all the cuts he needs to make so there is almost no wastage. The house is perfectly coved. We dont redecorate often enough for him to use this skill.

Anyone else have a pointless superpower?

OP posts:
Tomatoesneedtoripen · 27/09/2020 07:01

um, i can remember birthdays.
i used to be able to remember telephone numbers.

GertrudeCB · 27/09/2020 07:03

I can fall asleep at will. Anywhere. T'was a boon when I was a shift worker.

Iamnotacerealkiller · 27/09/2020 07:05

I can tell within a couple of mm whether two things are parallel or level, e.g. wall pictures. Drives me barmy. We live in an older slightly wonky house too...

MustDust · 27/09/2020 07:08

I can write joined up backwards rather neatly.

KoalaKoalaPanda · 27/09/2020 07:15

Since having a baby my body has become an internal clock. I always know roughly what time it is (within about 5-10 min range) at any point of the day/night.

BitOfFun · 27/09/2020 07:18

I'm good at spotting 'voices' on here (so, returning trolls etc). While VPNs exist though, I will never be called on to give evidence Sad...

ScribblyGum · 27/09/2020 07:22

First pancake is always perfect.

Humbersider · 27/09/2020 07:24

I have excellent colour perception.

caughtalightsneeze · 27/09/2020 07:25


First pancake is always perfect.

No way!

What sort of witchcraft is that?Shock Grin
GnomeDePlume · 27/09/2020 07:29

I feel there should be some sort of register so in the event of an international crisis we can don lycra with pants on the outside and go out to save the world.

Somehow I cant think of any crisis where being able to spot trolls or wonky walls, write backwards, fall asleep at will, remember birthdays or give an approximate but accurate time would save the day.

OP posts:
Heartofstrings · 27/09/2020 07:31

I ALWAYS know who is ringing before I look at the phone. As a child I used to announce who was calling and was right every single time. These days it's easy because it's only ever my mum or nan Grin

hopscotchz · 27/09/2020 07:34

I can make myself heavier if someone tries to push me and I can pick up things with my toes like a monkey 🐒

GnomeDePlume · 27/09/2020 07:35

@ScribblyGum what are subsequent pancakes like?

OP posts:
FairIsleFenella · 27/09/2020 07:35

I've got a really strong sense of smell. Can be useful (I can spot a gas leak when no-one else can) but can be a real pain in the arse as nasty smells are everywhere. ASD son has the same trait, I've had to train him to not exclaim in a loud disgusted voice 'what's that smell?' whilst in people's homes/out in shops etc Blush

WhereIsTheSaladDoris · 27/09/2020 07:37


Since having a baby my body has become an internal clock. I always know roughly what time it is (within about 5-10 min range) at any point of the day/night.

I can do this. Sometimes I wake in the night and can know the time exactly before I check my phone. I spook myself out Grin
Si1ver · 27/09/2020 07:39

I know all the lyrics to all the songs ever.

Can't sing though.

Hangingover · 27/09/2020 07:42

I'm really, really good at identify when things are similar to other things, especially songs. If I hear a song on the radio I'll go, "oh this sounds exactly like X" and hum a bit or another song over the top and everyone immediately goes, "oh YEAH you're right, it does!". Also with faces, my proudest one was when I was showing DP who Alistair McGowan was and he goes "ah I thought that was that french fella" and without missing a beat I said, "you're thinking of Adrian Brody. He's not French he just looks French" - and that was who he meant Grin

EllaBonjelaNutella · 27/09/2020 07:42

I can detect fox wee 100ft away, and tell if someone else in the train carriage had a fag on their way to the station. Or is wearing Lynx.

ClashCityRocker · 27/09/2020 07:43

I'm really good at picking things up with my feet and toes. It does come in handy sometimes tbf.

ScribblyGum · 27/09/2020 07:43

[quote GnomeDePlume]**@ScribblyGum what are subsequent pancakes like?[/quote]
All pretty good until about pancake 7 when I get complacent and fuck it up.
Pancake 1 though is ALWAYS bang on the money.

hopscotchz · 27/09/2020 07:46

I forgot! I also have a really strong sense of smell, but I think is a bit useful?

lurch3r · 27/09/2020 07:46

I can wrap presents with my feet and can also sniff out the faintest trace of garlic.

Loftyloft · 27/09/2020 07:47

I can ‘click’ my eardrums on demand without swallowing (on airplanes to relieve ear pressure).

Brissiegirl · 27/09/2020 07:50

I can write with both hands at sane time - left hand is mirror writing and right hand is correct way.

iMatter · 27/09/2020 07:51

I can remember all the phone numbers I've ever had (including all the house phones we had when I was a child).

I also know all my friends' car number plates.

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