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Overheard about my life

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twixter · 18/09/2020 19:27

I was in a queue today and overheard two people in front of me talking about someone recently single and that ‘at 35 she will most likely have no marriage with anyone decent now, let alone a family.’

I’m 36 in two months and felt sick hearing this. I am so sad and alone and can’t help feeling they are right. I’m not 22 anymore, I look older. I don’t want a family alone. I’d love to meet someone. I’ve tried dating. I am exhausted with life and doing everything alone, moving house, changing jobs, choosing a is lonely as fuck. And these girls were right that just like the person they were talking about, I too look like I will face a future alone and without a family.

Just feel sad and guess I wanted some words of comfort that a life alone is ok. It doesn’t feel ok right now.

OP posts:
EmbarrassedUser · 19/09/2020 11:37

I got married at 34. Still plenty of time @twixter

SenselessUbiquity · 19/09/2020 22:46

I had my children at 37 and 39 and then I met my gorgeous man (2 years after the end of that relationship) at 47. I had been thinking and writing (I am an inveterate journaler) lots of stuff about coming to terms with life without romance or sex, no man really wanting you again type stuff. It seems ridiculous now. Partly because although I was definitely prettier and slimmer when I was younger, I was never a woman who had perfect looks so I don't know why I felt my sex appeal had dramatically fallen off this cliff - sure I didn't look like Julia Roberts at 25, when I was 47, but I didn't look like Julia Roberts at 25 when I was 25. So I don't know what magic I thought I had lost.

People are saying have babies if you want to - do - but don't think you have to. I had babies sort of with a sperm donor, not consciously but I didn't marry the guy although he wanted to, and I think I knew he was just doing a job for now. You could do it that way, as long as you are financially protected and so are the children, for the future.

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