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Pls recommend me a family card game

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Yawninfinitum · 29/06/2019 21:24

Something like UNO?

Or a board game without a million pieces

Basically want something we can get into on holiday so pick up and play each evening and not too complex but keep us interested

Adults and kids 12-18

Any suggestions?

OP posts:
Blueemeraldagain · 29/06/2019 21:54

I run a board/card game club at the work I teach at.
Bold (made by Mattel) is great. Set is good too but possibly a bit tough for younger children.
Dobble is good too.
We didn’t really enjoy Dos that much.

thanksamillion · 29/06/2019 21:57

Dutch Blitz is our favourite but you probably need someone to explain it unless there's a tutorial on YouTube!

ChequerBoard · 29/06/2019 21:58

Unstable Unicorns


imnotalpharius · 29/06/2019 21:59

Exploding kittens, bears Vs babies, unstable unicorns.
You can get some meme games that are similar to cards against humanity but slightly less nsfw so ok for teens

DamnItsSevenAM · 29/06/2019 22:18

Unstable unicorns is not really a younger kids game due to sexual humour

Jfw82 · 29/06/2019 22:19

Regular cards
Nomination whist

HolyMerlot · 29/06/2019 22:22

Dobble (small enough to take travelling too!)


Exploding Kittens (although we have the NSFW version which is funny after a few drinks!)

Farkle (just need 6 dice, a pencil and paper)

New Market (normal pack of cards and some play pieces, can be anything - buttons, pennies, whatever you have laying about)

With kids you can't beat some Top Trumps really in terms of easy to pack, quick game etc.

Cousins girlfriend introduced us to a game while abroad last week. All the players have about 6 small scraps of paper each and write anything on each piece (can be an object, saying, place, person etc.) then everyone folds each of their pieces in half and adds them to one communal bowl. Split into teams. Set a one minute timer for each round.

Round 1: A player from the team going first takes a piece out of the bowl and has to describe it without saying any words actually written down on the paper and their team has to guess what it is (E.g. Penguin - a black and white flightless bird that lives in the cold). Once the team guesses correctly keep taking pieces out of the bowl and describing until the timer runs out. Keep a score of how many were guessed correctly. Then Team 2 takes their turn. At the end of the round return all pieces to the bowl.

Round 2: Repeat of above but the player can only say ONE word to describe the paper selected from the bowl (e.g. Penguin - Bird)

Round 3: Repeat of above but the player can only ACT the paper selected from the bowl. No words/describing (E.g. Penguin - waddling like a penguin Grin)

^^ that game actually turned out to be super fun (after a few drinks) and we ended up playing it a few nights!

FlibbertyGiblets · 29/06/2019 22:24

Shit head. (you might have to rename if the DC would be erk at the name)

Agree Banagram is excellent too.

Stilllivinginazoo · 29/06/2019 22:26


Riceandthings · 29/06/2019 22:27


Smellslikebiscuits · 29/06/2019 22:34

We always take Dobble, UNO, and whichever Top Trumps are currently favourite on holiday with us.
We also love Pass the Pig, and usually end up with other people joining in with The Pigs!

ElectricLions · 29/06/2019 22:35

Exploding Kittens
New Market

Watersnail · 29/06/2019 22:36

Chameleon is the best I've found recently. It's very funny and good for older children/teenagers and adults.

ineedaholidaynow · 29/06/2019 22:37


Yawninfinitum · 30/06/2019 08:26

Wow thanks you lovely lot!

Have just ordered a few on amazon so roll on the holidays!!

OP posts:
handmademitlove · 30/06/2019 08:32


Pablo2 · 30/06/2019 09:20

Rock paper wizard.
Dungeons and dragons.

pikykwiky · 30/06/2019 10:09

Morning all .. thanks for the question Yawninfinitum .. My husband and I created a new card game called Matchify and we are selling it through Amazon. I feel it is a perfect game in this case as it comes in a tin and very convenient for travel. It is fast-paced and has educational aspect. We have 5 themes of Matchify. Each set has two decks of cards and you need to find the link/match between two cards quickly before your opponents (e.g. bread is linked to wheat, clown is linked to circus, Eiffet Tower is linked to France and so on). 4 Mini-games in one tin.

We hope that you take a look at it and try it out; it would really support and help us on our journey. That would be highly appreciated and we hope this game will bring joy and end the kids' endless boredom! Smile

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.


Butterbeeeen · 30/06/2019 10:11

Another vote for dobble

FreiasBathtub · 30/06/2019 10:14

Nomination whist is great.
We really like Citadels, play that a lot, and also Skulls and Roses (though tbh you can play that one with beermats, don't need to buy the cards!)

LadyPenelope68 · 30/06/2019 10:15

Bananagrans, Boggle, Yahtzee

BrokenWing · 30/06/2019 10:20

Card games with a normal set of cards are underrated. We used to play versions of gin rummy, go fish and others with ds and nieces during holidays and they enjoyed as they felt more grown up (and didn't cost a fortune for what essentially is just a pack of cards!)

ineedaholidaynow · 30/06/2019 10:31

DS(14) plays quite a few different card games with his mates at school with a normal deck of cards

atomicnotsoblonde · 30/06/2019 10:34

Doble is the best game ever!

Mablethorpe · 30/06/2019 11:20

I would say happy families but when we played this on holiday at Easter it was anything but. My DC (15 and 11) are hugely competitive and it led to ultimate meltdowns most times we played it.

Truth Bombs (By Phil and Dan) is great though, my older child got it for Christmas and we've had some very amusing evenings playing it. I think you can have up to 8 people play.

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