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Driving test tomorrow - instructor with me or not?

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SerenaJoy · 10/01/2011 20:57

I'm taking my driving test tomorrow. I'm strangely calm about it, which is worrying in itself (usually I'd be shitting myself). But I'm putting this down to being pregnant, and my mind being on other things Smile.

My dilemma is whether to have my driving instructor in the car while I take my test. I worry that I might be put off by having him in the back seat - like I'd be outnumbered or something Confused But then I wonder if maybe the risk of being put off is worth taking if I can learn more from any mistakes I make, should I not pass...

Any thoughts? Has anyone regretted having their instructor there (or vice versa)? Any words of wisdom in general for dealing with a driving test?

OP posts:
kazaam · 14/01/2011 16:41

Thanks so much Serena and Fred.

Serena, you're absolutely, it is those little things that can make all the difference! The examiner turned out to be female and seemed decent, i.e. she showed some personality rather than being a robot which really helped! I didn't think of her being nasty for choosing a hard route until u mentioned it. lol. But I'm so glad I has especially printed out a google streetview image of the sign and road beforehand as I would have truly had no clue what to do if I hadn't asked!!!

I've not got a car yet, and our house car is a BMW 5 series, for which the insurance would be unbelievable!.

I'm not too fussed about going out on my own yet. I have prelims and really haven't been revising so I'm gna try and get that out of the way. But shud have a car sometime next week!

Fred, I haven't got a car yet! I tried to keep my cool, I could feel my heart pounding out at one point at the awkward roundabout where there were roadworks and a man with a go/stop sign. haha. Looking to see which car is best for the wallet in terms of its insurance. lol

Anyway, I don't have the assurance of my instructor sitting next to me stopping me from having an accident so from that point of view I'm not rushing to get out and drive, but it'll be great I guess and I'll just have to be extra careful.

My dad already started looking at private registrations but I told him NO! lol He seems more excited than me.

Nice to hear that ur really pleased Serena, hope it all goes as well and even better for u!!!

Urself, Fred, u got a car yet? (P.s. sorry i dnt knw ur age, etc so dnt be offended if this is a daft Q, lol)

But most of all I'm relieved, Just wondering whether the pass plus is worth it. I really cba going out again with the instructor even though it will be relaxed and there's no test(s) involved.

Dropdeadfred · 16/01/2011 10:51

I have a car and yesterday I drove for miles by myself!! And in the dark too (it go dark as I was driving around with noone to nag tell me where to go! It was fantastic!!
My car is 10 years old, but it only has 28000 mile son it and is immaculate - anything else and the insurance was a killer!!
I recommend Admiral insurance (go direct not through confused, comparethemarket etc) and put your partner/husband down as an occasional driver because it brings your premium down alot!
Mine dropped £200 just by adding my husband, even though he recently got 3 points for speeding!! (first points he has hd in 20 years of driving!)

kazaam · 16/01/2011 11:03

What model and make of car did u get? Sounds like u got a cracking deal!!!
I'm not married yet (I'm only 17 and still in school) lol.
The fact that I'm male doesn't help either.
I'm desperate to get out but have to wait until next week to get a car! But it'd just distract me from my studying for exams lol.

kazaam · 16/01/2011 11:13

Fred/Serena, can we not edit posts on this forum?

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