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I live in the Netherlands, AMA

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Tulipsfordays · 18/01/2023 19:27

Not sure if this is interesting or not, but I couldn’t find a lot of threads sharing experiences about life here. So here goes!

I live in NL (near Amsterdam but in a different city) with my daughters and (Dutch ) husband. We moved about 2 years ago now. Expect to stay long term. I’m English, lived in London for 10+ years prior and grew up in the midlands.

OP posts:

Cattenberg · 21/01/2023 01:24

Oegstgeest? (just outside Leiden). Tricky name to pronounce. Or Giethoorn? It’s only a village, but very pretty, with thatched cottages by the canals.


ChocolatSouris · 21/01/2023 06:40

Goes is the town where my FIL is from. Pronounced like Who-es with strong h sound.


ChocolatSouris · 21/01/2023 06:42

Above post for @Mouldyfoodhelp


MollyRover · 21/01/2023 11:40

@Tulipsfordays you can get HP sauce in Jumbo and AH XL. Jumbo have had it since before I got here 15 years ago Grin


Chocchops72 · 21/01/2023 11:40


Can you tell me what the summer weather is like at the coast? We are looking at a short holiday in Katwijk aan Zee or Zandvoort in mid-July and are trying to work out if it's going to be 'summery' enough. We live in France so want to avoid the horrible hot heatwave temperatures, but we are meeting up with SILs family coming from Scotland - and they really want to get some summery sunshine. So we hoped that the NL coast would be a happy (if windy) medium between the two.


MollyRover · 21/01/2023 11:41

ChocolatSouris · 21/01/2023 06:40

Goes is the town where my FIL is from. Pronounced like Who-es with strong h sound.



MollyRover · 21/01/2023 11:43

Sorry, hit post too soon! The "G" sound is really something that identifies where in the Netherlands a person is from. Hard sound means West and soft means east, generally. Zeeland is a law unto itself though!


Puffy123 · 22/01/2023 13:23


I don’t live there but have spent many summers there as my Mum is from that area.

The weather there is similar to SE England. You are likely to have beach weather some days but cannot rule out heavy rains or a heatwave.

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