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I’ve had ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) - AMA

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Balloonsandroses · 25/11/2022 17:07

I’ve had ECT twice now - I know it has a scary reputation and I was scared before having it so just wondered if anyone wanted to ask anything.

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Mindymomo · 27/11/2022 16:31

It was the only thing that helped my late DM who started suffering mental breakdowns in the 1960’s. She had to be hospitalised for long periods and had regular treatment. When she came home everything was fine for a few years, but even with regular medication, she would slip back into depression. When we were in our teens we knew the signs to look out for and could get into hospital before she had a complete breakdown. Unfortunately the last time they tried it, when she was 60, it didn’t work and she was never really with it after that time and lived a simple, happy life. I look back now and think she would be diagnosed as manic depressive.

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