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I have Borderline Personality Disorder AMA

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TropicalSunday · 05/03/2022 14:09

First mentioned to me in 2017 and then finally diagnosed in November 2019.

Ask away.

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Wedonttalkabout · 06/03/2022 13:16

[quote TropicalSunday]@Wedonttalkabout

BPD is sometimes called EPUD ... Some people feel that this describes the illness better. Some people who live with BPD think that the name is insulting or makes them feel labelled. Doctors don't use this term to make you feel judged or suggest that the illness is your fault.

Sorry @TropicalSunday I should have explained it better. I work in the field of mh and people often talk to me about having a strong preference for cptsd over eupd for example

I wondered how you felt about the terminology change?

There was an Ama here a short while ago from a nurse who quickly had the thread closed and it got very heated quickly as to the right diagnostic term and the possible feminist implications

I wondered if you felt bpd fitted a bit better for you as it was in your title? (Although noticed you also used eupd)

JustAnotherPoster00 · 06/03/2022 13:45

Who is currently in your demonisation/idolisation stage

TropicalSunday · 06/03/2022 14:00


I guess I hate my ex for abandoning me .. for bailing ... for lying to me, faking love, for proposing without ANY shred of intention of being with me ... for moving on so quickly ... That brings up a whole lot of emotions, I have been really struggling with that. With BPD/EPUD every rejection feels like being repeatedly stabbed in the heart/stomach which I CANNOT rationalise ...then i have the self loathing, not good enough for anyone, I'm shit, I should die ... etc etc .. not good.

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