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I make beauty products for the big manufacturers AMA.

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Photographsandsand · 19/12/2020 16:07

As a user of beauty products I was amazed when I started working here.

We don't generally do makeup, but hair, skin, body and bath care products. Including specialist skincare.

If you can think of a brand, whether that be high end or cheaper brands, we probably formulate, manufacture and sell it. With the exception of a small handful of independent brands.


OP posts:

CisMyArse · 20/12/2020 18:52

Hi OP.
I'm ashamed to say that I only ever use the white Nivea cream (from Home Bargains) and if I wear make-up (concealed, some blush, eyebrow pencil abs mascara, I only ever remove this with hot flannels.

Apart from some age spots, some wrinkles (am 48), my skin is pretty decent. Is the Nivea any good for me? Would I benefit from other stuff? Friends of mine spend a fortune on products and I don't think they look any different to me!


HotButteredRumPaPumPum · 20/12/2020 18:56

I'm nearly 30. I like dabbling in aromatherapy so I've got all the equipment I need then it seems Xmas Grin.
I have added some essential oils which matched my skin type to a very light moisturizer base for use in the day, and same again to a deluxe serum base, with the addition of rose hip and tamanu oils.
I've made easy oil based stuff from scratch like lip balm, perfume and deodorant (yes it works!). My next goal is to make my moisturisers from scratch. I've got the cetearyl alcohol in ready and waiting!

I didnt realise not all castile soap was equal! What do I need to look out for? The one i have currently leaves fatty deposits if I mix with water which I'm not that impressed by.


Floralprints · 20/12/2020 19:24

I saw on the other thread that you recommended medik8. If I was to use this at the lowest strength, what moisturiser would you recommend for the mornings after use and the evenings retinol isn't used? Thanks for this!


Queenie8 · 20/12/2020 20:26

@Photographsandsand I use Liz Earle products, and have done for twenty years, I try other brands but always go to Liz Earle. Are the LE products just as good as the high end quality products?

The only other face creams I have found to be very good for my skin (40s with very dry and sensitive skin), is M&S formula, especially the 8 hours sleep cream. Are these products worth the money?

I have a very lined forehead, which is genetics, is there anything you would recommend?


Photographsandsand · 20/12/2020 20:56

I have a serious allergy myself.
Everything I have said on this thread, including my qualifications and experience, is true.

I have been clear that without knowing more about someone's skincare concerns, their lifestyle and expectations I am unable to recommend skincare products. To repeat my earlier advice if you have a specific skincare question or concern start a thread in style and beauty. Tag me in it if you want to and I will reply.

Gladly, I will tell you what I use on my own skin, though what works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

In my replies today I have been trying to reply to posters in the order that they posted. The rest of the day I've been spending time with my family, cos, you know, Sunday and that.

OP posts:

nancybotwinbloom · 20/12/2020 20:59

What do you use as a moisturiser to combat wrinkles if you use anything,


AgnesNaismith · 21/12/2020 09:48

This is such a weird thread. Why would you not be able to recommend products on this thread but you can on another. You’re still traceable as you’re using the same name.....unless you’re just trying to make a name for yourself in some strange way?’s called ‘Ask Me Anything’ for a need to get shitty with people.


HotButteredRumPaPumPum · 21/12/2020 13:12


Excellent thread op. What are your thoughts about mineral oil in moisturizers? When I look at Clinique DDML or Cerave in tub being so popular and has mineral oil as one of the ingredients, I wonder if it's actually good ingredient but I tend to avoid based on reviews and own experience. I also wonder if it's a cheap ingredient and we just pay for the brand itself.

Mineral oil is a cheap alternative to vegetable oils. It sits on the skin, rather than being absorbed. This can lead to clogged pores. The reason vegetable oils such as jojoba and argan oils are so good is that they are very similar in structure to the sebum that our skin naturally produces, so are absorbed easily.

Spaghettibetty345 · 21/12/2020 13:32

* Why would you not be able to recommend products on this thread*

I said this earlier. Surely you’d expect people to ask you about product recommendations if you say you work for the beauty industry?! Did you want people to ask you about how long you’ve worked there, did you enjoy it etc?Hmm


OctaviaOrange · 21/12/2020 13:44

I'd also ask why you recommend using twice as much of a cheaper brand if the ingredients are identical? ( they won't be btw, the formulations will be weaker as a rule)

This is a silly AMA because you take umbrage at being challenged - just mildly - and you won't recommend any products which of course is what people will want.


LynetteScavo · 21/12/2020 17:20


I'd also ask why you recommend using twice as much of a cheaper brand if the ingredients are identical? ( they won't be btw, the formulations will be weaker as a rule)

This is a silly AMA because you take umbrage at being challenged - just mildly - and you won't recommend any products which of course is what people will want.

I thought the OP said the ingredients were identical, but there is more water in the cheaper products (so they are weaker and therefore you need to use more for the same effect) ?

lyinginthegutterstaringatstars · 27/12/2020 06:01

@OctaviaOrange can you start a similar thread please? I would love to see a similar but better skin related thread . Lots of questions to ask.


Branster · 21/06/2021 20:04

Photographsandsan thank you very much for this thread - very informative and I appreciated your clear and easy to follow posts!
As it's now been 6 months ... may we know the name of the retinol product you referenced as a potential recommendation?
Please, please, pleeeeease!!!!!


Branster · 21/06/2021 21:02

I'm sorry I mistyped your name Phographsandsand Blush


Branster · 21/06/2021 21:07

If only I knew how to copy & paste in MN app!!!!
Let's try again...
Photographsandsand thank you for this very useful thread.
Would you be allowed to share your inside intel on retinol products please - as it's been 6 months since this thread started?


Branster · 22/06/2021 15:11


Argh. I wish I could tell you SoddingWeddings, ask me again in 6 months time!

The only reason that I can write this thread now is that I have just left my job in cosmetics to work in a different field my background is in chemistry.

As a clue, I can say that the brand I recommend was originally developed and only sold by cosmetic professionals. They are widely available now, mid to higher price point.

I figured out (of sorts!) how to quote 😅

May we please have the name of the magic product please?

I'm sure I'm not the only one wanting to know.

DobbyTheHouseElk · 01/08/2021 16:39

@Photographsandsand will do the trick @Branster.


RoseAddict · 01/08/2021 17:00

@SnugglySnerd I use a plastic free moisturiser in a tin from Peace from the Wild. It goes off after a few months so presumably no or less preservatives. I just buy the smallest container every 6 months or so.

Thanks for the thread it’s really interesting. I avoid nearly all ‘mainstream’ products as mineral oil causes milia on my skin so interested to hear your approval of natural oils


Apileofballyhoo · 01/08/2021 17:16

@Branster Medik8


Branster · 03/08/2021 11:03

Ooh thank you so, so much to the last 3 posters - I really am not good at quoting and getting the names right.

So Medik8 it is then! Another £80 🙈

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