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I'm a gender critical young person - AMA.

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Th0ughtCriminal · 28/04/2019 19:40

As the title says, I'm a gender critical young person (currently in sixth form).

I've been lurking for ages and doing a lot reading through Feminism Chat. Not sure if I would label myself a feminist (I don't tend to label myself as anything, to be honest), but I do find myself agreeing with the vast majority of what is said on here - especially on trans/gender issues.

I was about 13 when all of this sort of stuff kicked off, and for a couple of years I was pretty much indoctrinated into believing TWAW and that I should support everything trans etc. Then a few things happened in my school and I started to question what I was being told - and then I found MN, where my eyes were opened to what is really going on.

For the past couple of years now I've been firmly gender critical. My (small group of) friends largely agree with me, but we aren't really vocal about it because it wouldn't go down well.

So, I wanted to start this thread because I don't really get the chance to share my viewpoint in real life. Ask me anything :)

OP posts:
Th0ughtCriminal · 28/04/2019 21:20

Persi The main thing was people calling biological facts "transphobic" and labelling anyone who stated them as "bigots". And another huge thing was, after finding this forum, seeing the way that this movement is actively harming children and the fact that no one seems to be doing anything about it because it's "progressive".
Other sanctions? Well, I want to apply to university eventually, and for that I'd need a reference - I don't want to risk being seen as a transphobic bigot by any teacher who may write my reference. And also, I've seen in the news people being fired from jobs/having to drop out of uni for voicing their opinions, and I don't want that to happen to me.

Grabthars Most of the abuse was after class ended, but yes my teacher affirmed it was the correct answer and also said to let her know if I needed anything.
No, this student was never once disciplined despite threatening people and being a bully. I was the one spoken to by SLT for not being respectful.

Daughter Yes, it's really frustrating. And yes, I do. I have a small group of friends (one of whom has been my best friend for 6 years now) who agree with me on this and who appreciate/accept me for who/what I am. We don't go out much, but occasionally we will go to the cinema or have sleepovers or go out for meals.

OP posts:
nauticant · 28/04/2019 21:23

Ahh, I see in your last post you anticipated my next question about whether you have support in real life. It's good to hear your have your group of friends.

Time40 · 28/04/2019 21:24

And yes, I have felt/do feel a lot of pressure to ID as trans. I struggle with dysphoria anyway, and it's not easy trying to navigate how I'm feeling/why I'm feeling this way with people incessantly telling me I'm this or that

Thanks for your answer, OP. I was hoping you would say No to the question, but fearing you would say Yes. I'm so sorry. It actually sounds as though you are being bullied. You sound extremely level-headed and sensible. You stay strong, and let's all hope that this madness passes.

EstherMumsnet · 28/04/2019 21:24

We are moving this thread to our Ask Me Anything section

Th0ughtCriminal · 28/04/2019 21:25

Thank you for the kind words Holy Smile

Yes, I've read 1984 nauticant (hence the username Grin) - I found the concept of newspeak interesting, as it seems that people now are wanting to change biological definitions to fit their own agenda. It's quite scary. I've also read Animal Farm and the "all animals are equal but some are more equal than others" seems to be true now in society too. I'm looking forward to reading Lord of the Flies.

OP posts:
RussellSprout · 28/04/2019 21:25

Do you think there is any difference between someone under the trans umbrella who identifies as 'agender' and a gender critical person such as yourself?

Th0ughtCriminal · 28/04/2019 21:27

Thank you Time - me too.

I see my thread has been moved to the AMA section. Is there a way to move it back? I posted it in Feminism Chat for a reason.

OP posts:
Justhadathought · 28/04/2019 21:30

I just want to say how incredibly articulate and measured the OP is, considering their age. I'm also thrilled that there are still young people who are able to hold their own amongst the madness. It is incredibly frightening, though, that there are teachers who are so PC and unreflective/un-critical that they fail their brightest pupils.

morningtoncrescent62 · 28/04/2019 21:30

Hi OP, thanks for starting this interesting thread.

Without saying anything potentially identifying, can you describe the demographic of your school a bit? Middle class/working class? Urban, suburban or rural? My hunch/assumption is that what you're describing would be more common in middle-class metropolitan areas, but this may be extremely outdated of me, and apologies if it's insensitive or offensive. When I hear secondary school students talking on the bus round where I live, especially boys, I can't imagine them going along with trendy stuff about gender at all, they seem as alpha-male as ever they were!

Th0ughtCriminal · 28/04/2019 21:31

Russell Interesting question. I know a lot of gender critical women refer to themselves as non binary/agender/genderfree to show how they don't agree with the idea of gender and it's stereotypes - so in that sense, yes.
However amongst people my age, "agender" is viewed as a gender identity (often based on not conforming to stereotypes), which is strange and contradictory - and I've seen quite a few people on social media who identify as agender go on cross sex hormones or get surgery, which is totally different to being gender critical.

OP posts:
Cheekyfeckery · 28/04/2019 21:38

Good thread OP, thanks for starting it.

No questions but you have confirmed my fears - i’d go as far as to say it is grooming.

You do give me some hope though. Smile

Th0ughtCriminal · 28/04/2019 21:39

Thank you Just . And yes I agree, it's quite terrifying.

Hi morning. I don't find it offensive or anything, it's a fair question. I live in a very deprived urban area, which has a predominantly working class population. My sixth form is a lot more middle class than the surrounding colleges, though.

OP posts:
Persifleur · 28/04/2019 21:43

*Th0ughtCriminal (great username, btw) thanks for replying. Those were the main things that switched me from being a right-on ally of 'whose business is it what's in our pants' (mostly no one's) to someone who wants to know why a man wants to be in exclusively women's spaces/sports teams /short lists. If you redefine terms like 'man' and 'woman' the question becomes meaningless, and are there any terms left to describe the sort of people who are disadvantaged?

Please keep questioning, and
Flowers for your courage.

Th0ughtCriminal · 28/04/2019 21:47

Persi Yes, definitely. Sports was another huge one. I recall seeing a photograph of a transwoman powerlifter who had won a women's competition (obviously), and I remember thinking how unfair it was because those women had no chance. And thank you Smile

OP posts:
Persifleur · 28/04/2019 21:48

Apologies, that was a rhetorical question and 'you' wasn't aimed at the OP.

SleepingSloth · 28/04/2019 21:51

There's some strange threads today that seem to fit a certain viewpoint.....Hmm... A bit obvious.

Persifleur · 28/04/2019 21:57

Can you elaborate, SleepingSloth? Otherwise that's not a very constructive comment.

Th0ughtCriminal · 28/04/2019 21:59

What are you implying Sloth?

OP posts:
multivac · 28/04/2019 22:00

I posted it in Feminism Chat for a reason.

What was the reason, if I may ask?

SleepingSloth · 28/04/2019 22:07

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Th0ughtCriminal · 28/04/2019 22:10

multi Most people on the Feminism Chat board are gender critical and I've never really seen people my age posting on there, so I wanted to be able to speak about this topic with people who aren't going to jump on me for having an opinion.

Sloth I really don't, but okay?

OP posts:
KataraJean · 28/04/2019 22:26

My DD is the equivalent of year 11. If this is going on in her school, she has not mentioned it. She and her friends are fairly gender critical, to be honest, at least it seems to me. But then she is by choice not on social media and long may that last. No question just a reflection.

PencilsInSpace · 28/04/2019 22:36

I understand why you want this thread in feminist chat. You could report your OP and request it is moved back there. Maybe ask for the title to be edited to remove 'AMA' so it isn't one.

'I'm a gender critical young person keen to chat with feminists'? Something like that.

Th0ughtCriminal · 28/04/2019 22:38

Thanks Pencils - will do that.

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