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I owned a bridal shop AMA

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Pigeonpresent · 16/08/2018 14:36

Just that Smile

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Pigeonpresent · 16/08/2018 21:15

Mrs B, the hardest bit for me was not being soft on prices, if a bride desperately wanted a certain dress and I knew it was out of her price range I’d find myself doing myself out of a profit!

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Pigeonpresent · 16/08/2018 21:16

But yes there were days when I worried, never a Saturday though which is your money day

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Pigeonpresent · 16/08/2018 21:22

Whiskey I find this really interesting actually because it’s a massive misconception that we’re rolling in it! As a rule of thumb it’s a mark up of x3 - hear me out- a third is the cost, a third is your overheads- rent, depreciation on stock, insurance (massive) and a third is your profit ie wages. So if you’re dress was £1500 they made £500 on it, if they make 6 sales a week (a good week) it’s £3k a month- not huge money, not small either but massively risky career

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Pigeonpresent · 16/08/2018 21:25

die antword he sounds like a keeper- please just do it anyway, don’t waste your life waiting to look like someone else entirely, he must adore you

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Whisky2014 · 17/08/2018 07:50

Thanks pigeon

Skyejuly · 17/08/2018 08:00

How often would you get total time wasters?

Pigeonpresent · 17/08/2018 08:54

A few times a week but so easy to spot, any real bride is just full of questions and loves talking about the details of her wedding, the time wasters will just um and ah about everything. My heart would always sink a bit when the bride says her wedding is in 3 years but then if you’re nice they do actually end up coming back when they’re actually ready to buy

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Rarfy · 17/08/2018 12:52

Thanks for getting back to me. I love watching all the wedding dress shows curvy brides boutique etc but can see it being a risky business.

I went wedding dress shopping recently and the owner appeared to try to sell me the most expensive dress in the shop which really made me loose faith in the process. Good to hear not everyone else is the same.

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