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I moved to the UK from the US, AMA

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Avalla33 · 27/07/2018 15:19

It's still early days, as I moved here about a year ago. I don't know if I have anything particularly interesting to say, but I'll try to answer any questions the best that I can.

OP posts:
CaptainKirkssparetupee · 27/07/2018 22:42

I've never had them, @CaptainKirkssparetupee. Are they good?
You're not the first person to give this answer.😂
Most people from the US i've forced them on to expect them to be like gummybears and are suprised that they are soft and more scented than flavoured.
I find it interesting.
Like moonpies being hard wagon wheels.

ScreamingValenta · 27/07/2018 22:46

Hi OP. What do you like best about the UK, that's different from the US?

mrnohips · 27/07/2018 22:49

What do you think of The Right To Bear Arms?

UnGoogleable · 27/07/2018 23:03

Healthcare - which do you prefer - the NHS system, free at the point of service, or the US health insurance system?

MelanieSmooter · 27/07/2018 23:14

OP I’m very English, live on the south coast and I’m 20 mins from a Taco Bell. The excitement when it opened last year was massive Grin

AtlantaGinandTonic · 27/07/2018 23:18

Another American here - from Georgia, hence the name. I just wanted to wade in on the peanut butter and question and say that honey roast Peter Pan is the best, at least in my opinion!

AtlantaGinandTonic · 27/07/2018 23:19

@Avalla33 Do you have a lot of people ask about your accent? I've lived in the UK for 14 years and I have a wandering accent. Most people think I'm Australian, which my British husband finds hilarious (he lived in Australia a few years).

MissConductUS · 27/07/2018 23:27

Maybe MissConductUS would like to weigh in on the peanut butter issue?

I'd be happy to. Teddie All Natural Peanut Butter is hands down the king of peanut butters:

High end groceries have it and you can order it from Amazon, at least here. I haven't checked the amazon UK site.

As to how I found MN, I subscribe to a British weekly news magazine called The Economist. They did a little article on MN about a year ago, I took a look and have been addicted ever since. Smile

Do you miss frozen custard? I can't even get it here in NY.

Avalla33 · 27/07/2018 23:42

Hi @ScreamingValenta. That's tough to say as well! I like that people are more environmentally conscious in general. I enjoy being surrounded by so much history. And I'm getting a real taste for some of the desserts here!

@mrnochips I don't think it should be a right.

@UnGoogleable, in terms of morality, I like the NHS more. I like the idea that everyone is entitled to the same care. In practice, it seems that a lot of people still use private insurance and that care can vary quite a bit depending on where you live. I'm sometimes a bit horrified by wait times and cost-cutting measures, to be honest. I understand why they exist, but it's quite a change from what I had before. I do like the simplicity of it as well, and find it very straightforward. I worry about the future of the NHS.

Well @MelanieSmooter, I know where we need to take our next trip! Honestly it's not something I want very often, but every so often I'm in that mood. We can make better stuff at home but sometimes you just want junk food.

I defer to your peanut butter preferences, @AtlantaGinandTonic. I still sound very American and I'm not sure that will change quickly. People comment on it and ask where I'm from, things like that. I've picked up more phrases here though, and I keep finding "u's" slipping into my words. Maybe I'll sound totally different in another 12 years?

OP posts:
ScreamingValenta · 27/07/2018 23:50

Interesting to hear that the UK is noticeably more environmentally conscious - it's a difference that would never have occurred to me (but I've only been to the US once and I was too busy soaking up the sights to notice that sort of thing!).

TheSpottedZebra · 27/07/2018 23:52

What annoys you most about the British ?

Okaassan · 28/07/2018 00:08

Have you had Christmas dinner in the UK yet OP? My American friend told me that Christmas crackers are not a thing in the US. Her first experience of them was total amazement Grin.

She also hates roast dinners every Sunday... thinks it is weird!

Do you enjoy our TV?

SimonBridges · 28/07/2018 00:15

Was there anything that you found odd or unusual that you weren’t expecting?

UnGoogleable · 28/07/2018 00:16

Are you amazed by the lack of commercial breaks on our TV programmes?! It annoys the hell out of me in the States, all those bloody adverts! And it amuses me when we watch US made shows, you can see where the commercial breaks are supposed to be e.g. when you get a teaser before the opening credits - in the US you would get a commercial break there, but in the UK you don't... stuff like that.

I'm intrigued by you thinking the UK is more environmentally conscious - I suppose it is, but we have a long way to go. When I go to places like Denmark or Germany where they are MUCH better than us, it puts us to shame.

SenecaFalls · 28/07/2018 00:18

Another American here - from Georgia, hence the name

I'm a native Georgian, too, but I hate peanut butter.

What I do love, though, is British back bacon, which is almost impossible to get in most of the US. How often do you have a bacon butty, OP?

MissConductUS · 28/07/2018 00:29

Hi seneca, how's with you? It's like a Yank reunion on this thread. 🍺🍨🍻🍔🍟

ScreamingValenta · 28/07/2018 00:57

SenecaFalls The bacon served in the hotel I stayed in on holiday in the USA had a much sweeter taste than the bacon here - it was also crispier than would normally be served in the UK (though I always cook it crispy at home). I don't know whether that's typical? I enjoyed it as a change.

DryHeave · 28/07/2018 01:07

What have you noticed is different about UK style?

For example: one of my US friends refers to the Englishwoman uniform of dress/thick tights/ballet flats/cardigan (which seems quite fair, but it’s practical in our changeable weather!).

SenecaFalls · 28/07/2018 01:09

Hi back MissConduct Yes, there are more and more of us on MN. Much better than most US-forums, I find.

ScreamingValenta What you describe is classic American bacon. It might even have been basted with maple syrup before it was cooked. I like that kind of bacon too, but British back bacon is the food of the Gods.

Rebecca36 · 28/07/2018 01:40

Welcome, I hope you like living here.

Whereabouts do you live? I'm not asking for your address but I do go to a really nice Mexican restaurant that I would recommend to anyone.

AtlantaGinandTonic · 28/07/2018 01:44

I'm the weird one in my family, as I can't stand bacon. Peanut butter is life for me though. Grin

ScreamingValenta · 28/07/2018 01:48

Is American peanut butter much different to the kind you get in the UK? It's always been something I can take or leave. Nutella, on the other hand ... Grin.

Johnnyfinland · 28/07/2018 01:52

If you’re in or near London, I can recommend a place that does tacos that do taste authentically Mexican!

A bit of a niche question but what’s the general opinion other Americans on LA?

It’s seen as a dream destination to move to in certain creative industries (I work in media and know a lot of people who harbour a desire to move to LA). However I’ve visited multiple times and while I enjoyed it I found it a bit superficial and soulless, and lacking in true grassroots culture, so I wonder what US natives think of it? Is it anything like the ‘London wankers’ stereotype that some (not all) Brits outside of London think about people that move/live there?

MissConductUS · 28/07/2018 02:12

A bit of a niche question but what’s the general opinion other Americans on LA?

I have spent a good amount of time there so I'll give it a go. First, LA is the official postal abbreviation for the state of Louisiana. So the name of the city is usually spelled out to avoid confusion. It's also more of a collection of neighborhoods, spread out over a vast area, than a normal city.

Superficial and soulless is pretty spot on. Phony also comes to mind. There is huge competition for the entertainment industry, so people are constantly trying to make new and better industry connections and they quickly lose interest in talking to you as soon as they realize you can't help their careers. People go so far as to pretend to be recovering alcoholics so that they can go to AA meetings to network.

I met many lovely, normal people while I was there, but I think the Los Angeles Wankers could easily be the name for the city's football team.

Avalla33 · 28/07/2018 06:25

Wow, so many questions! I'll try to answer what I can, but apologies in advance in case I miss someone.

@TheSpottedZebra hmm, about the actual people? Maybe the restraint when it comes to displays of emotion? Everyone seems to downplay things in general, it's tough to describe. It doesn't seriously annoy me, but I have found it a little difficult to get used to.

@Okaassan I have! I love the bad jokes in the crackers, and I could do without the sprouts. I did find it odd that menus would change on Sunday, it's that strong of a tradition. I don't mind an occasional roast but every week is a bit much! I enjoy the tv and I think I watched more British tv before I moved here than my husband does.

@SimonBridges when I first visited I was surprised at how narrow the roads were, even (especially?) in rural areas.

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