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I had an elective cesarean by my own request. AMA

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MrSpock · 23/07/2018 15:14

I chose to give birth by elective cesarean purely as a personal choice and my for any physical heath reasons. I know this is a bit controversial so happy to answer any genuine questions both from people who are curious, and anyone who wants any advice about doing this themselves.

OP posts:
MarthasGinYard · 25/07/2018 10:33


All the best

I'd consider myself lucky to feel out of the 'birth club' Grin

MrSpock · 25/07/2018 10:39

birdybirdybird those reasons are very similar to mine!

I didn’t have any friends with kids and I didn’t do the NCT (because I knew I wanted a cesarean so didn’t see the point for me) so I didn’t really feel lonely from that respect. I felt a bit isolated in that I was twenty, and most people giving birth seemed a lot older than me. A lot of staff seemed to treat me like I was an idiot too, even though I studied law and had a good grasp on statistics and a decent understanding. Usually though once they actually got to know me, the patronising stopped!

It’s not the same, but myself and lots of women on here will be happy to discuss anything about cesareans with you! I found online forums very helpful Smile

OP posts:
LittleDoveMum · 20/08/2018 13:43

@MrSpock I am debating this too as I will be 36 and I've never felt confident with the idea of VB - add to that friends have had some terrible encounters. And an emergency one worries me more than a planned. I find the internet scares people about stories of C section going wrong and infections etc.
Did you find everything all ok and what could you do when you left home? How long where you in? I am not sure how much external support me and my partner will have due to family being an hour away so worried about holding baby etc. Thank you :)

LittleDoveMum · 20/08/2018 13:56

Sorry left for home*

AhhhhThatsBass · 22/08/2018 23:28

Realise it’s an oldish post but OP, I could have written your post verbatim.

And also agree with app who said this:

I think for women requesting a CS it's often about what they're choosing not to have rather than wanting to have abdominal surgery. They're choosing to not have an emergency c-section, to not have a forceps birth, to not have a 3rd or 4th degree tear

For me the ELCS was an absolute dream. The Hoops I jumped though, the pretence of tokophobia during my appointment with the perinatal team etc all worth it. Ultimately though, I think all women should get to choose, per the NICE guidelines but in reality, it’s rarely a choice.

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