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I have five children AMA

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JacintaJones · 12/07/2018 19:33

Ask me anything 😊

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JacintaJones · 12/07/2018 21:25

I love them all the same but some are easier to like than others.
Its personality dependent.
I just 'gel' with some more than others, so does OH.

The important thing is they are loved and provided for equally and I make extra efforts with the crotchety ones.

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JacintaJones · 12/07/2018 21:27

Ah I'm so pleased for you, I understand completely Flowers

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TheMonkeyMummy · 13/07/2018 00:40

I was also sterilized after my fourth csection. I recovered very well from all of them except #3, when I had horrific muscle burn and couldn't walk straight a week after the cesarean when I was finally discharged. Hats off to you @Hedgehog80 .

I opted to be sterilized as I felt I had reached my limit. 3 years on, thankfully my feelings haven't changed. I would be quite bereft if they did. Luckily, #4 has a strong character and is a bit of a rascal whereas the other three were quite quiet children, so I am rather shattered running around after him all the time. Grin it is bittersweet, although I am hoping that after the summer we will be Nappy and nap free for the first time in 9 years, which is a liberating concept!

I get to hold lots of babies as part of my job, which is amazing. It's rare that I get twinges (thank goodness!)


JacintaJones · 13/07/2018 19:31

Yes hopefully next summer I will be nappy free for the first time in what seems like my whole adult life!
Its exciting to be finally moving out of the baby stage.
I'm finally done having babies Grin

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Totallytangerine · 14/07/2018 19:58

How much do you spend a week/month on food?

And do you meal plan?


JacintaJones · 15/07/2018 00:02

Oh goodness, I actually have no idea. I'd estimate perhaps £600 per month.
I shop cleverly, my cleaning products come from poundland rather than the supermarkets, fruit and veg whilst plentiful are ususlly seasonal. Butchers for my meat bought in bulk and frozen.
I frequently shop at Lidl and Iceland now whereas when I had only two children I just went to Tesco and bought everything from there pretty much unthinkingly.

We eat out at least twice a month, which with five children costs upwards of £75 each time even if its just the local Harvester.

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QuackPorridgeBacon · 16/07/2018 00:30

How do you deal with sickness? We have two. Neither of us work and I struggle mentally for other reasons. You get child has extra care needs, NG feed and loads of hospital trips etc. She gets sick a lot and even my elder child gets sick fairly often or at least it feels like it. I also catch everything going so I’m sick a lot, thankfully partner rarely gets sick. But I hate it, I hate when anyone is ill because I find it so hard and stressful. How do people with more cope with bugs? I want a third, in a few years maybe but three kids ill sounds terrifying to me lol

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