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I'm a witch. AMA

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Fireproof · 11/07/2018 13:09

Practising witch here, happy to do some mythbusting.

OP posts:

speakout · 12/07/2018 07:17

The word pagan , like witch or heathen are all pejorative terms.

It's a case of picking your poison.

I call myself a witch because I practice witchcraft, I don't call myself a pagan because I am an atheist and to me paganism is usually used to refer to a faith system.


gamerchick · 12/07/2018 08:02

Sorry you don’t like the word witch 🤷🏻‍♀️

Like? More like proper offended Grin for someone filled with so much scorn they are the most prolific on one thread.

Also there are plenty male witches in the world. The word witch is not gender specific.


Fireproof · 12/07/2018 08:13

Hi to all the other witches and pagans on the thread!

@BitOutOfPractice I don’t mind you asking but I think I’ve already answered the question earlier in the thread. It’s just how I’ve always described myself.
You are right that “witch” is a word that is very loaded in its history. Some of us reject the word and others seek to claim it back. I don’t want to speak for other witches or pagans on this (and folks feel free to jump in) but Dianic Wicca in particular grew out of the feminist movement. They see the word in the context of it being descriptive of a woman with knowledge and power who is maligned and persecuted for it. I’m not a Dianic Wiccan but I like some elements of their practise and philosophy, and that is one of them.

@YummySushi if you have a personal possession of a person then it can make a spell work better! I do most of my ritual witchcraft st night because I like moonlight and also for practical reasons- I work and have children.

If I truly hated someone, who had done huge amounts of harm to me personally then yes I would. That’s a very divisive issue in witchcraft- Wiccans believe in the threefold rule (everything you put out into the world comes back times three) and don’t do such spells. Others see no problem with it!

@slowsloegin I think the world is a place full of chaos and random chance! There’s a whole branch of magickal practise that flourishes on that- Chaos Magick.

OP posts:

JustLikeBefore · 12/07/2018 09:10

Hello OP
It's nice to see you doing a AMA. I dont really have a question. But thought I'd link to a few books which may interest some pp as sort of starting points.

Witch, Wicce, Mother Goose: The Rise and Fall of the Witch Hunts in Europe and North America

if you are curious about witchcraft/wicca/celts/Druids/paganism then just Google and read and learn, form your own opinions, make your own way of life.

all I will say is learn about the basic sabbats, then go from there.

I've listed few books, but I read lots of books from different paths, to books about the Occult and mysticism, mind magic (which is like the universe one I think) to finding out about other old traditions from other cultures and countries. There are a lot of similarities to other religions.

I found the more I learnt and the further into the origins I read, the less likely I was to call myself a witch. Witch seemed such a modern restrictive word coined to persecute women.

I don't really call myself anything now, I wear a pentacle. But I am lazy and don't observe the moon or sabbats anymore, I still nod in recognition, when I remember Blush

I will follow my path again some day though, as it is something I believe in and want it to part of my life. At the moment I'm like a Christian who only turns up to church for wedding and funerals Grin


speakout · 12/07/2018 09:25

OP like you I use the word witch- I want to reclaim it.


Wildery · 12/07/2018 09:59

Thanks for this, I've found it really interesting. I've always felt close to nature and have often thought I might get a lot from paganism (though I'm an atheist). Do you practice mostly alone, or with others? How does one go about finding a local coven (if that's the right word)?


gorgeoushazydaysofsummer · 12/07/2018 12:14

@fireproof - I called out for strength. I could feel it from within and without, a great vault unlocking. I felt energised and strong and no longer stricken with paralysing grief and depression and fear. I walked out of those woods full of power. I was a different woman.

Thank you for explaining - that makes sense. However, I think a lot of people do similar - whether using nature or meditating on an object, or whatever - to centre themselves and give themselves strength before doing something difficult/important. And they wouldn't call themselves witches...


BeyondRadicalisationPortal · 12/07/2018 12:38

Hi OP (and interesting to notice the other RadicalPortal is here too Grin )

Gorgeous, a lot of people probably do perform the same rituals without calling themselves "witches", but does that mean that OP is doing something that is actually "unwitchy" or does it say there is a stigma to the idea of certain perfectly normal behaviour being considered witchy...? With it being considered a crime for quite a chunk of time, I imagine that has had somewhat of an effect on society.

Personally, I sometimes call myself a witch. I'd say I'm both atheist and pantheist, which some may consider an interesting contradiction Grin I mainly edge towards Dianic Wicca and the idea of a "divine mother", but with regards to nature etc rather than an actual literal omnipotent god (or gods). I'm actually quite anti-woo, again, probably considered a bit of a contradiction.

I don't believe I am "magic" in the Harry Potter sense (nor do I know anyone who does think they are!), I do believe I have a feeling of connection to... something. I believe in the power of the placebo effect, and that's good enough for me


Slaymill · 12/07/2018 13:56

Thank you for answering the question about potions.

Sounds a bit like me I'll try alternative methods unless things need hospital attention. Like my DP's broken arm this month !

I'm with you also on Autumn my favourite time of year. Especially somewhere beautiful to see nature at it's finest.

If I wanted to give my DS some protection what would you suggest ? He is very sensitive. Thanks


headinhands · 12/07/2018 14:21

I know two witches. They are quite unusual people. Extrapolating wildly from my large data sample (😂) do you think this trend is chicken or egg?

As in, are non conventional types naturally drawn to witchcraft because of their mutual non conformist leanings. Or does being a witch turn you into a rebel of sorts?

Hope this makes sense.


speakout · 12/07/2018 14:46

headinhands that's an interesting point.
From my own point of view it's not something I really chose.

My grandmother ( born in 1890) taught me a lot of "witchcraft" techniques as a child, simple spell work, scrying, knotwork, divination, fire scrying, making talismen, making storm water, card reading etc.

I thought it was fairly normal stuff and that every kid learned these things.

She had learned these techniques from her own mother who was born in 1860.

So having learned all this as a child it seemed natural to carry them on.


HexeSauerkraut · 12/07/2018 23:21

How did you learn about spells and could you recommend a way of helping deal with an awful person who is necessarily in one’s life? I mean, either a way to protect/strengthen yourself against them or to neutralise their influence? Sorry... Blush


slowsloegin · 13/07/2018 01:14

When I was younger, I kept repeating a pattern of negative behaviour.

To deal with it, I made myself a necklace, in a similar way to a hair wrap. I sat and made it and every knot I put in it, I thought of breaking that pattern and a more positive way to be.

As I needed to remember my resolutions when drunk as well as sober (used to drink a lot back then!), I also put a big bead in the middle that was nice to hold in my hand, to grasp when I needed remind myself to put myself on a positive path. An easy thing to do when drunk, I hoped!

It worked. It protected me from myself!

I want to ask, is this essentially a charm?


slowsloegin · 13/07/2018 01:15

It worked. It protected me from myself!

That's a bit of a weird way to put it actually.

It helped me break out of damaging patterns.


UtterlyDesperate · 15/07/2018 12:29

OP, quite a specific question: would hotfoot powder be effective against an organisation as well as against an individual? (Asking for a "friend"... Blush)

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