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Tefal Easygliss Eco review: an environmentally-friendly approach to ironing

Tefal has just released its first eco-designed iron - but how well does it get creases out of laundry? Mumsnet put it to the test.

By Laura Cooke | Last updated Sep 8, 2023

A white and green Tefal Easygliss ECO iron, standing upright on a wooden table next to the recycled cardboard box the product arrived in

Overall star rating: 4.5/5

Price: RRP £65 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Type: Steam Iron | Weight of iron: 1.29kg | Tank capacity: 270ml | Continuous steam: 50g/min | Steam shot: 260g/min | Soleplate: Durilium | Wattage: 2800W | Cord length: 2m

What we like

  • Heats up very quickly

  • Powerful - even on eco mode

  • Heat is pretty constant, with little fluctuation

  • Eco-friendly product and plastic-free packaging

What we don’t like

  • Cord is a little on the short side

  • Smaller water tank than other irons we have tested

Our verdict

There is a misconception that when an appliance is eco friendly, this comes at the expense of performance. But the Tefal Easygliss Eco blows that theory out the water. 

Available in two styilsh colours, this is a fab little iron that heats up quickly and provides a powerful blast of steam to smooth out creases and wrinkles speedily and efficiently. It also has a built-in anti calc filter, so it requires minimal maintenance. 

Of course the Tefal Easygliss Eco’s green credentials are not to be sniffed at. The product arrived in minimal cardboard packaging, made up of 95% recycled fibres, with not a piece of plastic in sight. The iron itself is made from 35% recycled materials and it is 88% recyclable, so when it passes its natural lifespan it can be sorted at the appropriate facilities. But that may be a long time coming as part of Tefal’s commitment to helping protect the environment and reduce waste, anyone purchasing the Easygliss Eco Steam Iron will have access to repair services and to technical spare parts for 15 years after purchase if it is ever required. 

I really rate this iron, so the Tefal Easygliss Eco is going firmly on Mumsnet’s list of the best steam irons to buy.

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What’s the Tefal Easygliss Eco like to set up?

A split image showing the front and back of the Tefal Easygliss ECO iron. The soleplate is green with a leaf design. The stand, spray button and opening to the water tank are also green.

There is no assembly required - I just took it out the box, filled the 270ml water tank to the max line, plugged it in, turned the dial to my preferred setting and I was ready to iron!

If using eco mode, on the highest setting, this saves 15% more energy than when used in max mode, while using eco on the wool setting saves an impressive 30% more energy. I found that eco mode was usually enough to get all the stubborn creases out.

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How does it feel to hold?

A hand coming from the right of the image holds the Tefal Easygliss Eco. A white child's shirt is laid out on the black and grey spotted ironing board.

Weighing 1.29kg, the Tefal Easygliss Eco felt light and comfortable to hold. The cord was a little bit on the short side, so this is something to bear in mind before purchasing. However, for me, the length of the cord was not an issue.

What is the Tefal Easygliss Eco like to use day-to-day?

A pair of terracotta-coloured trousers laid out on a black, grey, white and lime green ironing board. One trouser leg is wrinkled and creased, the other is smooth.

As mentioned above, I found the Tefal Easygliss Eco very easy to use. It took just two minutes to heat up and for the iron to be ready for action.

Using an anti-scratch Durillium Airglide soleplate, the iron runs smoothly across even highly textured and heavy-duty fabrics by evenly distributing the steam across the whole plate. The eco mode was more than sufficient for tackling creases in cotton, wool and mixed fibre clothing, while the steam tip was able to iron out any wrinkles lurking in even the most hard to reach places. The collar on my daughter’s school shirt had never looked so sharp, while my favourite cotton trousers looked like they had come straight from the shop. I was really pleased with the results.

The Easygliss Eco comes with a well-designed, sturdy, built-in stand, but for extra peace of mind, the iron also has an auto shut-off feature and automatically turns itself off when not in use or when knocked over.

Does the Tefal Easygliss Eco have any special features?

The major selling point for this iron is its green credentials. But it is also worth mentioning how low maintenance the Tefal Easygliss Eco is. The iron is anti-scale for hassle free maintenance, meaning that unlike other Tefal irons, you don’t have to periodically remove the calc filter for cleaning. So it’s ideal for those who are short on time and can’t be doing with the extra faff. Let’s face it, isn’t that all of us?!

And if your curtains or other hanging items need a quick de-creasing, the Easygliss Eco’s vertical steam function is an utter godsend.

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Does the Tefal Easygliss Eco offer value for money?

I feel that it does offer good value for money. It compares favourably with other Tefal irons, for example, the Tefal Ultragliss Anti-Calc Plus, currently selling for £110 as of September 2023. Although this iron does boast some impressive stats (3000W, 50g/min steam output plus a huge 280g steam boost), it does require you to remove and clean the anti calc filter yourself, plus it doesn’t have all the same eco credentials. At the time of writing, the Easygliss Eco is slightly more expensive than Mumsnet fave the Tefal Ultrglide (£55), but this only has a 210g/min steam boost and you have to remove the filter to descale manually. And of course there are not the same energy-saving options.

I feel £70 is a reasonable price to pay for a good-quality iron and many years of crisp collars and crease-free clothing. And when you buy the Easygliss Eco, you can be safe in the knowledge that you made the right choice for the environment, as well as your wallet.

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How we tested

Reviewer Laura lives in Sussex with her husband and two kids, aged four and six.

The Tefal Easygliss Eco iron was tested on various fabrics and items of clothing, including school uniforms. Laura used a Minky Ergo Ironing Board during testing. 

Laura started writing Swears By articles for Mumsnet in 2021 and now has responsibility for laundry content. She writes buyers guides, including how to care for jumpers and knitwear, cleaning articles and tests products, including the Wilton London laundry range, to help Mumsnetters make informed choices when it comes to parting with their pennies.

Laura is a freelance journalist and has written for a range of titles, including the Daily Mirror, the i, Metro, Stylist and Happiful magazine.

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