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Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle review: "a winner all round"

With stylish looks, rapid boil technology and an affordable price tag, the Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle impressed MNHQ editor Rebecca immensely. Here's her full verdict.

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Mar 25, 2024

Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle review in use
Our rating:

Price on writing: £32 | Buy now from Amazon

What we like
  • Modern design suits our kitchen 

  • The pour spout never misses

  • Boils one cup of tea in just 45 seconds

  • Great value

What we don't like
  • The top has to come off completely to fill it with water

  • Basic kettle - doesn't have variable temperature controls

Key specs

Maximum capacity: 1.7 litres | Minimum capacity: 280ml | Dimensions: 25.5 x 18 x 24 cm | Power: 3000W | Matching toaster?: Yes | Guarantee: Two years (but an extra year can be claimed when registered) | Colours available: Black, white, grey, cream

Our verdict

Russell Hobbs Inspire kettle in use
  • Features: 5/5

  • Design: 4/5

  • Ease of use: 4/5

  • Ease of cleaning: 5/5

  • Value for money: 5/5

Prior to testing the Russell Hobbs Inspire, I'll admit, I took kettles for granted as something that you just fill to the top and boil, before getting on with your day after that first hit of caffeine. For years I’ve ignored my mother’s warnings of, “Rebecca, you need to descale your kettle”. Well, turns out mother knows best as my seven-year-old kettle decided to kick the bucket recently. Its replacement? The Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle. 

This rather stylish, aesthetically pleasing kettle has brought light to my countertops recently. My previous one was a dull silver, and so the Inspire in white has really brightened up my kitchen, much to my surprise. It has a modern design and complements its sister toaster and my other appliances, creating what the experts call a “cohesive and visually appealing ensemble” in the room we use the most during the day. 

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Inspire Kettle is actually very convenient and easy to use. The lid can be entirely removed, simplifying the filling process and avoiding any awkward tap angles just to get the water in it. I do enjoy the red measuring points inside the kettle, which provide a visual indicator of water levels, and the perfect pour spout ensures precise and mess-free pouring, eliminating splashes on the countertop.

Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle

What’s more, its rapid boiling feature (it heats one cup of water in just 45 seconds) means that morning rush for caffeine in our home is even quicker, and that evening wind-down (decaf) cuppa has become a quick, cherished routine. It also encourages you to boil only the necessary amount of water you need, thereby minimising electricity consumption.

The only minor (and it is very minor) inconvenience is that if you need a free hand to turn the tap on to fill the kettle, you need to put the kettle lid down on the counter. This is fine if you have no or older kids, but isn’t as much fun when your preschooler decides to run off with it when you have your back turned for just a second... 

Final verdict: Who knew there was so much you could write about a kettle? The Russell Hobbs Inspire is an incredibly affordable, functional addition to our kitchen and it wins points in our home for its quick boiling feature and the fact it is designed to be more sustainable by using less water and reducing your electricity usage. So in my opinion, it’s a winner all round. 

What is the Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle 24360?

Known for delivering innovative, high-quality kitchen appliances, Russell Hobbs also emphasises sustainability and strives to minimise environmental impacts through eco-friendly designs and practices. This ethos is evident in their Inspire Kettle, a household appliance that is designed for boiling water quickly and efficiently. 

The Inspire Kettle is stylish, modern and available in four colours, each with their own chrome accents that add an elegant touch to your kitchen decor. The kettle is equipped with practical features like an easy-to-remove lid for convenient filling, rapid boil technology, and a perfect pour spout. 

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What is the Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle like to use?

Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle in our tester's kitchen

As an out-of-the-box kettle, the Inspire is incredibly easy to use and set up. Like with most, if not all, kettles, you do need to fill it and boil the water inside a couple of times before the first use.

Russell Hobbs claims that for one cup of water, it takes 45 seconds to boil. When I tested this out, I was delighted to find the claim is accurate - in fact, it took just 43 seconds to boil. We mostly make brews for my husband and I at the same time so usually need more than one cup, but it's nice to know I can have a steaming mug of tea ready in less than a minute if needed. It’s not particularly noisy, and it’s very easy to manoeuvre to your mug when you need to pour. 

Beyond fast boiling and the water markers, though, it’s a pretty basic kettle. There’s no variable temperature controls or a keep warm function, sadly, which is a shame as it’s such a lovely kettle to have in the kitchen and doesn’t clash with our interiors at all. 

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Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle 24360: design and style

Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle alongside the Russell Hobbs Inspire toaster

Compared to our old, decrepit silver kettle, the Russell Hobbs Inspire is a breath of fresh air on the countertops. It’s lightened up our entire kitchen, and while its rippled, high gloss finish is something you might expect to see in a farmhouse style room, it does complement our modern kitchen incredibly well. I love the fact that the chrome accents match our cabinet handles, too.

It also looks great alongside its complementary toaster – both appliances feature in our best kettle and toaster set round-up if you're looking for a matching set.

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How easy is the Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle to keep clean?

Thanks to its rippled design, any dust or muck doesn’t really show up easily compared to smooth kettles with a chrome finish. Its high gloss exterior is very easy to wipe down and there’s a washable anti-scale filter.

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Price: does the Russell Hobbs Inspire Kettle offer value for money?

The Inspire Kettle by Russell Hobbs retails at £47 if you purchase it from Russell Hobbs directly. Although, you can often pick it up for much less at Amazon, Argos and even B&Q. 

In terms of value for money, I think it certainly is. I’d argue that it isn’t a budget option. Instead it’s a great option for those individuals seeking a simple, well designed, eco-friendly kettle that won’t break the bank, and also won’t break within a year of using it. 

How we tested

  • Tested in the home of a family of four

  • Used multiple times in the day for coffees and brews

  • Also used during cooking to help boil water fast

During testing, I made sure to evaluate several key aspects of the kettle’s performance and usability. Firstly, I examined its design and the quality of materials used as well as the overall aesthetics of the kettle. As far as functionality, the lid removal, water level indicators and the removable filters have all been tested to ensure ease of use. 

In terms of the kettle’s performance, I tested its boiling speed with one cup, two cups, four cups and also a full kettle (for cooking). I can’t say much in terms of energy efficiency and if it’s made a small impact on our utilities, but even my husband mentioned that it boils a lot faster than our old one - so it must be fast if he’s noticed. Lastly, I made sure to assess the kettle’s pourability with several different drinks including coffee, tea and even a hot chocolate or two to check for any splashing or spilling during use. I also considered noise levels and ease of cleaning. 

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