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Momcozy V1 Breast Pump review: comfortable, hands-free pumping in just five minutes

For busy breastfeeding mums, finding a breast pump which offers comfortable pumping in as short a time as possible is a must - and the Momcozy V1 offers just that. But is its super efficiency worth the hefty price tag? Parent-tester Laura put it through its paces to find out.

By Jenny Wonnacott | Last updated Mar 12, 2024

Momcozy V1 breast pump

Price on writing: £200 | Buy now from Amazon | Buy now from Momcozy

Our rating:
What we like
  • Extremely efficient - Laura found it emptied both breasts in less than five minutes

  • Comfortable to use

  • Not too heavy

  • Fits well inside a breastfeeding bra

  • Hands-free

What we don't like
  • Pricey

  • The motor doesn't come with anything to attach it to a belt or round your neck so the unit is not as transportable as it could be

  • Motor a bit too noisy to be used in a workplace setting

Key specs

Single or double pump: Double | Power source: Mains and battery | Number of settings: 3 modes, 9 vacuum levels | Closed system: Yes | BPA-free: Yes

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How we tested

Parent-tester Laura used the Momcozy V1 breast pump one to two times a week over a course of four weeks. Her baby was six to ten-weeks-old over the testing period. During this time she took extensive testing notes to rate the pump for a number of factors including comfort, durability, practicality, discretion and value for money.

She then provided an overall verdict on how well the pump fit into her day-to-day life as a busy mum of a newborn and toddler.

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Momcozy V1 breast pump

The hands-free nature is incredibly handy for me considering that I also have a toddler to watch/ move about for. It was also by far the most efficient pump that I've ever used, taking just five minutes to empty both breasts. This was my absolute favourite thing about this pump as time to pump with two little ones is very hard to find.

Parent-tester Laura, mum of two

Momcozy V1 Breast Pump


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The Momcozy V1 Breast Pump: what's included?

The pump comes with both milk collectors already assembled and the motor clearly visible. The box also contains four flanges - one for each breast in two different sizes: 24 and 27 mm. There's also a tool for measuring your nipple to find which flange fits best. There's a USB-C cable for charging and tubing for the milk collectors (though Laura points out that there is no adaptor plug and she did have to go hunting in the box for the tubing and charging cable.)

Also included is a set of replacements for the diaphragm and valve parts of the pump.

How easy is the Momcozy V1 to use first time?

Laura points out that while there is a user manual, the Momcozy V1 also comes with a smaller user guide with a QR code which takes you to a video. 'I found this video incredibly user-friendly and a much better way of knowing what to do with the pump.'

As the collector part of the pump comes ready assembled it makes it fairly quick and easy to use for the first time and re-assemble after sterilising. It is also quite a straigh-forward construction that is relatively intuitive to assemble.

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How comfortable is the Momcozy V1 to use?

'The pump is fairly comfortable,' says Laura. 'It's not too heavy so sits comfortably in my breastfeeding bra. Like any pump, it takes a bit of getting used to, especially aligning your nipple into the flange to get the most comfortable fit, but the instructions are pretty good on how to do this.'

How 'hands-free' is the Momcozy V1 breast pump?

'Once the pump has been attached and the motor started, the pump is completely hands-free. It does however need to be used sitting down as there is no neck strap or clip to attach the motor part to your trousers so you can move around.'

Momcozy V1 breast pump

Compared to other pumps that I've used the pump is relatively quiet, however the motor is still fairly audible and would be heard in use in an office. Personally I wouldn't use it while sat at my desk, however it was so quick at removing milk that it would not be very long that you would need to be away from the desk to pump.

Parent-tester Laura, mum of two

Momcozy V1 Breast Pump


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How discreet is the Momcozy V1 breast pump?

Although Laura reports that the Momcozy V1 isn't awkward or heavy to wear, she points out that it's not 'completely inconspicuous when worn in your bra under clothing.' She adds, 'It's large but by no means the largest out on the market.'

The pump's rechargeable battery also means that it doesn't need to be connected to the mains to work, helping with the overall practicality and discretion.

How does the Momcozy V1 compare to other breast pumps?

While Laura points out that the Momcozy V1 was 'by far one of the most efficient' breast pumps she's ever used, the price might be a sticking point for many.

I like that you can express both breasts so efficiently. You could say time is money so in that case this is definitely worth the money. 

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Momcozy V1 breast pump

You wash the pump in warm soapy water and use a bottle brush, it's easy to clean but as with all milk feeding it needs to be done in a dedicated basin (one that isn't used for anything else) so you need space for this. You can also put some parts in the dishwasher.

Parent-tester Laura, mum of two

Momcozy V1 Breast Pump


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Can you use the Momcozy V1 pump at work?

'Yes,' says Laura, 'But I wouldn't use it at my desk and would pump somewhere a bit more discreet such as a meeting room.'

How hard-wearing is the Momcozy V1?

'It feels very sturdy, hard-wearing and not easily breakable,' says Laura. 'So far the parts haven't faded at all with washing and sterilising and although I haven't yet tried to transport the pump, I think it would be very easy to do so and I wouldn't be concerned about any damage.'

Final verdict

'Overall I really liked the efficiency of this pump, but I think it could be improved with the motor coming with some sort of an attachment to enable it to be worn while on the move. I also found it a bit frustrating that the display on the front of the motor would not continue to be lit up for the duration of the pump and the explanations of the modes could have been better.'

Value for money:

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