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Update from James Caspian on his case against Bath Spa University to be allowed to research detransitioners

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Betti935 Wed 03-Jan-18 23:25:11

Dear Supporters,

As you may have seen from my page update, the university has concluded its complaints procedure and is sticking to its guns, saying that the only mistake it has made is to have passed my initial research proposal in the first place. (If you remember, it did this before rejecting my amended proposal). The defence given is that the ethics committee's decision was an academic decision, which one may not challenge. I and my lawyers maintain that, as the definition of an academic decision is that it is one that can only be made by an academic, that it did not require an academic to make a decision based on fear of criticism on social media, and therefore the decision to reject my research proposal was not an academic decision at all. The university has also said that it is for a court to decide what is an academic decision.

This means that I now need to raise in the region of £40,000, or preferably more, to take the university to court for a Judicial Review. The deadline for applying for JudiciaI Review is 8th March 2018, that is, three months after the university concluded the complaints procedure. I need to have enough money to cover the possibility of losing, otherwise I cannot risk going ahead. I believe that it is more important than ever that we take this chance of having a legal precedent set that will prevent universities from stopping research on spurious grounds. This is because, since I started this campaign, I have discovered that it is an endemic problem in universities. See here for my interview and other academics' experiences on this subject in a recent edition of the Sunday Telegraph

Please can you share this link on Facebook; pledge again if you are able; email five friends asking them to pledge and publicise my case as widely as you can! This is the beginning of the big push! Let's not let the university get away with it!

I wish you all a happy and healthy new Year!
Very best wishes,

James Caspian.

Betti935 Wed 03-Jan-18 23:25:53

This is the fundraising page:

CaptainWarbeck Wed 03-Jan-18 23:48:19

Good for him. He's got £6k already of his needed £18k.

PricklyBall Thu 04-Jan-18 22:53:02


Good luck to him.

LassWiTheDelicateAir Thu 04-Jan-18 23:59:21

Good luck

ALittleBitOfButter Fri 05-Jan-18 20:34:19

Why hasn't another university offered him a place? I eould have though they would, just for the publicity, given there's clearly support from the mainstream press.

SophoclesTheFox Fri 05-Jan-18 20:55:00

Have donated. Good luck James!

furcoatnaeknickers Fri 05-Jan-18 21:29:52

Donated. Very important that research like this is not blocked

Whatnextxx Fri 05-Jan-18 23:18:41

This is a much needed area of research and it is a disgrace that the University seeks to stifle appropriate and relevant research to pander to a minority who seem to be setting the agenda

JustGiveMeTwoMinutes Fri 05-Jan-18 23:21:13

Will be donating once I get paid

loveyouradvice Sat 06-Jan-18 21:25:01

This is SO important

BatShite Tue 09-Jan-18 08:36:57

Am totally skint, like..I have 30 quid to last til next Tuesday but will see if I can donate then

32bakedbeans Tue 09-Jan-18 08:58:18


Well done James & thank you.

Such an important issue.

If academic institutions are unable to think critically & in an unbiased fashion, then I despair.

terfing Tue 09-Jan-18 13:19:44

If he needs 40k, then why is he only asking for 15k?

Hellothereitsme Tue 09-Jan-18 13:29:23


Xenophile Tue 09-Jan-18 13:50:10

I think he's prepared to put his own money into the pot, terfing.

Imalldonethanks Tue 09-Jan-18 22:48:51

It's lunacy not to allow research like this.
Will donate in the morning and share.

AugustIsACruelMonth Thu 11-Jan-18 16:47:54


peanut2017 Thu 11-Jan-18 22:26:15

Will donate in the morning as I'm in bed and don't have my details to hand. Doesn't seem to let you pay by PayPal

Very important piece of work here that needs to be carried out

ThatFuckingVase Sat 13-Jan-18 18:36:59

This is such an important thing and it needs research.

We're allowing (encouraging?) pre-teens and teenagers to believe that feelings matter more than biological facts and then not allowing them psychological support, only drugs and being put on the path towards surgery.

The impact of this is being felt NOW by those who are de-transitioning, and lessons can be learned ... if people would just listen to what those people are saying!

BeyondWitchbitchterf Wed 31-Jan-18 15:22:55


A few women I know have been looking into getting this "out there" a bit more on Twitter.

Suggested/existing hashtags at the moment are

Just gonna check I haven't missed anything...

SecretHandshake Wed 31-Jan-18 16:01:59

Is he on twitter?

BeyondWitchbitchterf Wed 31-Jan-18 16:11:32


SecretHandshake Wed 31-Jan-18 18:58:11

Thanks Beyond! I found him and will start tweeting grin

goodyzoe Wed 31-Jan-18 19:54:24

His fund says it runs out in 2 days. He's got £13,000, but it's now a stretch target of £50,000.

What does that mean?

If he fails to get it, does he fail to get the money? I think you do have to meet the target on Crowd Justice, does anyone know?

Also if it's a stretch target, does that mean he just needs to reach his first target? Was it £15K?

Does he know it'll run out in 2 days and he might lose the money if so? Does anyone know how to contact him?

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